Relaunch of our website

Relaunch of our website

Johannes Kreiner 25. July 2017 Company News

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After months of intensive work on the relaunch, we now proudly present you our completely renewed website.

As before, we have again relied on the TYPO3 CMS. Not only because of our years of experience with TYPO3, but also because we can really get the maximum performance, security and stability out of this anyway very good system in combination with our TYPO3 Distribution Website Base - which you as a customer can purchase from us (as well as other packages and products). Take a look at our demo Website to get an overview of the basic features.

New look, UX in focus

The most striking innovation is probably the brand-new design, which we developed and implemented entirely on our own. We have oriented ourselves to modern design paradigms and the latest HTML5 specifications in order to be able to offer the end user an optimal experience - even with Javascript deactivated, of course also on the mobile device. The simple flat design is based on the material design language and dispenses with unnecessary gimmicks. Instead, the minimalist yet colourful look always directs the eye to the essentials.

Versatile and consistent

In contrast to our previous website, content can now be designed much more flexibly. Although there is now only one page layout left, in the TYPO3 backend a unique concept can be implemented using the various content elements depending on the intended use. And yet, everything seems to have been created from a single source, since the content elements have been carefully coordinated in every conceivable variation.


By using our Website Base, our website contains a multitude of onpage optimizations. For example, in the TYPO3 backend, all necessary meta elements and Open Graph data can be maintained - and should this data be missing, fallbacks are automatically used.

Just browse through our various expert articles, get to know our team and find out what services we offer. We hope you enjoy browsing and look forward to receiving any feedback.


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