TYPO3Camp Stuttgart 2015

TYPO3Camp Stuttgart 2015

Stefan Galinski 12. May 2015 Conferences

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On 08.05-10.05.2015 it was time again - the Annual TYPO3Camp Stuttgart took place again. As usual in the spectacular castle Hohenheim, good food and drinks as well as great talks. The following article is a review of my experiences.

Arrival and warmup party

Friday started disappointingly for me. First my brother had to cancel due to illness at short notice and the trip to Stuttgart was pure hell thanks to the rail strike. However, the party in the evening at the castle quickly made sure that this was forgotten again - with stimulating conversations and a good drink. This year an astonishing number of the participants were already actively represented at this pre-party.

Day 1 - Sessions, Sessions, Sessions

Saturday started rested for me, punctually at 10:00am during the session planning. This year I didn't give a lecture myself, but already on Saturday there were enough speakers to fill both days completely. This was accompanied by a round of introductions by all 200 participants, each with a time limit of 5 seconds, which was sometimes more and sometimes less. Two interesting facts could be taken from the opening session. The first batch of camp tickets was sold in less than a minute. The second one in only one and a half - very impressive in my opinion.

The first lecture for me was "Continuous Development" by Michael Lihs (@kaktusmimi). Michael talked about how this is structured internally for you. On the one hand you - like us - use gitlab for the administration of the Git repositories as well as merge requests for mutual quality control. Unit tests, functional tests with an active database and other tests based on Selenium, Behat and Mink are also used. Functional tests were particularly important to the speaker, as they have a great effect. Jenkins then connects the individual tasks with each other as task runners. The following figure illustrates this once again. TYPO3 Surf is used for the actual deployment. Vagrant in combination with Chef for the deployment of the test environments and the latter also for the setup of the actual live systems. Altogether a combination, which we are currently also already using or would like to implement in the same or a similar way

We continued with the lecture on "TYPO3 Themes" by Jo Hasenau (@cybercraft). Themes is basically a system for using ready-made templates. A concept that is already available for many CMS, but does not yet exist in TYPO3. There is already a first template, called Highland. This is based on Bootstrap. The integration of further frameworks, like Foundation, is planned for the future. With Constant Editor the themes can be adapted to your own wishes. The bootstrap classes are still integrated in the TYPO3 RTE. If you want to know more details about the concept, you should buy the book on this topic.

After this lecture we continued with lunch and a visit to the dome of the castle. From up here we had a magnificent view. On the way there we also came through a small museum, where I photographed the following interesting curiosity.

After the break I went on with several sessions again. I listened to the talk "Event-Driven Architecture" by Andreas Wolf (@andreaswo). Andreas explained that this procedure in Javascript belongs to the standard and is already available in TYPO3 as a signal/slot procedure and how this procedure can be realized in PHP.

The "Spanish Survival Guide" by Javier (@kirmestechno) was then used to get in tune with the eventful evening party. In a nutshell: How to get through the Spanish nightlife in 5 lessons. Arriba!

Sunday started relatively late for me, because I explored the Stuttgart nightlife with some more TYPO3'lern until 6am. Unfortunately I had to leave relatively early that day, which is why I only took one session with me on Sunday - "CMS Evaluation" by Gernot Schulmeister.

The lecture was about a comparison between the CMS Drupal, Contao, Joomla, Wordpress, TYPO3 CMS and Neos based on a hotel website. It has to be mentioned that Gernot already has more than 10 years of experience with TYPO3 CMS and therefore the presentation is a little preloaded. The results can be summarized as follows: 

  • TYPO3 CMS has the best news implementation
  • The fastest implementation was possible with Contao. The slowest with Drupal and even with factor two to Contao and TYPO3 CMS.
  • The best quality of the implementation was the TYPO3 CMS implementation. Wordpress sucks!

I thank all helpers for this great camp and am looking forward to next year where we will surely appear as a sponsor again. The session schedule with links to the slides can be found on the official website.


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