About df_contentslide

With this extension, it is possible to declare a content element in TYPO3 as foldable or unfoldable via its form. By default, these contents are hidden, but are then displayed and displayed with a click. AJAX functionalities can also be used for this purpose. Fallback for users with disabled Javascript is also included.

Please note that only jQuery is supported by us, but the use of MooTools is still possible. You must first enable jQuery in the configuration, because MooTools is active by default.


Open the TYPO3 backend and click Expansion manager in the Admin tools section on the left side.
The Add Extensions feature allows you to click Update Now to refresh your package list. Then enter df_contentslide in the search and click on the button under Actions to add df_contentslide.

To go to Figure 2, in the left menu under WEB, select Template. There you select the page you want to refer to. Then click Edit the whole template record. You still need to add the two objects that you can see in Selected Objects.

If you have Figure 3 in front of you, click General, where you will see Figure 3, among other things. In Setup, write these lines in, then save the document. These lines add jQuery version 1.11.1. If you have already included jQuery, you can skip this step.

page.includeJSlibs.jquery2.external = 1
page.includeJSlibs.jquery2 = http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.1/jquery.min.js

Activate extension

Now you have to use WEB and Page to select the page - whose template you have changed - or a subpage. Then select a content. Next, select the Appearance tab and activate the checkbox for content folding and unfolding. This allows you to expand and collapse this text box. Make sure there is a headline and a text.

Fold in and out

As you can see in Figures 5 and 6, the contribution can be collapsed and expanded using the green minus or the green plus.


You can access the configuration by searching for df_contentslide in the Extension Manager. As shown in Figure 7, the cogwheel is on the right side under Actions to get to the configuration.

You can also configure df_contentslide using TSconfig, as shown in Figure 8.

plugin.tx_df_contentslide {
    css = fileadmin/plugins/df_tabs/custom.css