For ahg Autohandelsgesellschaft mbH - one of the top 10 car dealerships in Germany - we designed a technical strategy for the corporate portal. For this purpose we developed a modular system, which connects the CMS TYPO3 with shopware and uses various elements. These elements are freely selectable and can all be combined in different variants. For example, an enterprise search with Apache Solr and a CRM can easily be linked to the existing TYPO3 and Shopware framework.

About ahg

ahg is more than just a "car dealership": we see ourselves as a trustworthy partner for our customers, combining the sale of new and used cars with comprehensive mobility services. According to our motto "Earn your trust - every day", it is our concern to always offer our customers the best possible service and to accompany them individually on their way.

Source: www.ahg-mobile.de

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