Your symfony agency for professional web applications

In addition to TYPO3 and CMS, we also offer the development of professional Symfony applications for your individual needs. Contact us for more information!

A lot speaks for Symfony as an application framework. The framework has been in active development for many years and has an enormously large and worldwide community. Stability, security and the use of new technologies do not represent a problem on the basis of Symfony and correct application.  Symfony also offers a number of features, such as:

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Database independence
  • Compatibility with Web Best Practices
  • Component-oriented work is supported
  • Stable ORM layer based on doctrine
  • Strong and flexible template engine "twig"
  • A good tool integration

These Symfony advantages and many more give us the opportunity to implement your project in a high quality, stable and safe way. Test us as a Symfony agency today!