Ext: sg_gitlab_monitor

License: GNU GPL, Version 2

Repository: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/typo3/sg_gitlab_monitor

Please report bugs here: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/typo3/sg_gitlab_monitor

TYPO3 version: >7.6


This extension provides various tools to monitor your gitlab repositories.


With this extension comes a new Extbase Command Controller with the task runCheckBranches.

The following arguments are available:

  • projectBlacklist : comma separated list of project names that should be ignored
  • branchBlacklist : comma separated list of branchs names that should be ignored (default: master, production, staging)
  • repoUrl : the URL to the gitlab instance (default: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/)
  • authToken : your gitlab accounts auth token (see: https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/profile/personal_access_tokens.html (API access necessary))
  • mailTo : the recipient of the gitlab monitoring report email
  • annoyUsers : if this is checked, every contributor(only from the last commit of the branch) gets a notification via email, if the branch is unmerged and the last commit is older than 14 days