Ext: sg_markdown

License: GNU GPL, Version 2

Repository: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/typo3/sg_markdown

Please report bugs here: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/typo3/sg_markdown

TYPO3 version: >7.6


The extension sg_markdown provides the possibility to render your documentations in your frontend, using the new Markdown content element.

Frontend plugin

The extension adds a new content element type. The markdown elements can contain markdown directly in a text field or you can add/upload a markdown file.

If you have entered markdown to the text field and use a markdown file we actually just render the markdown file.

The new content element also shows a cropped preview in the page module of the backend.

If you want to modify the styles of the markup within the parsed markdown, you only need to use the class tx-sgmarkdown-markdown as prefix for you styles.


To enable the Markdown Content Element check the Enables a markdown content element option in the extension's configuration and include the Configuration for the markdown content element static typoscript template to your main template.


We use the markdown parser of Carsten Brandt. So we would like to thank him for providing this nice PHP library.

A super fast, highly extensible markdown parser for PHP