Configuration Steps

The first step is, that you need to change the extension key. You can do it by simply changing the folder name to the new key. Example: sg_oracle_business_intelligence => sg_timeline

Now you need to replace the following occourences:

Own Tables

Frontend Plugin

Search in your project for the "@todo frontend_plugin:" comments and solve them.

This files are used:

  • Classes/Controller/ListController.php
  • Resources/Private/Language/de.locallang.xlf
  • Resources/Private/Language/de.locallang_backend.xlf
  • Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xlf
  • Resources/Private/Language/locallang_backend.xlf
  • Resources/Private/Layouts/Default.html
  • Resources/Private/Partials/ListEntry.html
  • Resources/Private/Templates/List/Detail.html
  • Resources/Private/Templates/List/ListAll.html
  • ext_localconf.php
  • ext_tables.php

Backend Module

Composer Autoloader

  • Entry in composer json of Project root: "sgalinski/sg-timeline": "dev-master"

Last steps

  • Add Typoscript in Project Theme Aggregate
  • Remove the content from this README and insert your own stuff, like installation or configuration instructions.