The Website-Base has been designed to make creating new web content as easy as possible. The most important feature of this is the fact that in the TYPO3 backend all content can be easily created and all functions can be managed.

Administrative rights

The TYPO3 backend offers various user groups with differing administrative rights. This ensures that all users have the necessary access to manage their content while protecting other areas from unauthorized changes. The latter is of course an advantage for larger companies where many users work on the content of the website.


TYPO3 administrators have full access rights in the backend and are therefore mainly responsible for setting up the rights of other users. They can lock page ranges from changes by non-administrators and set up other user groups and their administrative rights.

For this purpose, the website base contains the backend user module in which all users and user groups can be comprehensively managed.


So-called editors are the main persons responsible for creating the content of a website. Typically, they do not have full access to all elements, but can only create pages and populate them with content based on preconfigured content elements.

It is also possible to set up different editorial groups, such as a group that is only responsible for creating news sites, one group that manages only the career portal, and another group that has access to all other content. This makes the website base system scalable to different enterprise sizes.

The design options for editors can also be determined. These can be defined from the creation of new pages and the free use of all available elements to the mere insertion of texts in existing structural elements. This allows you to configure how much influence editors have on the appearance of individual pages.

Intuitive use

Easily Create and Edit Pages and Content

In the Website-Base, pages are created and edited in the backend of the content management system TYPO3. The structure of the pages is illustrated by a modular system that gives backend users a good idea of how their changes affect the frontend.

In addition, this system allows editors to create pages with an individual structure without having to edit any code.

Also, all available building blocks are configured to seamlessly integrate with the frontend design of your site.

Simplified Configuration of Additional Functions via Backend Modules

Some features, such as the configuration of E-mail templates for automatically sent system messages, can not only be controlled via content elements. For the configuration of such features, various modules have been integrated in the backend, which make it possible to make all necessary settings directly from the backend. These modules, too, have been designed to be extremely user-friendly, with explanations and hints for more complex functions.

This implementation enables newcomers to quickly understand the key features of the website base while providing more advanced users with the ability to build an outstanding website.

Website-Base Training Courses

Regardless of whether you are a newcomer or already experienced with the content management system TYPO3: We are happy to assist you and your employees in training courses specially created for you when you start working with the Website-Base.

With remote training, we can be anywhere in the world in seconds. If desired, we happily offer to come to you and hold the training on site.

Simply contact us without obligation via our contact form or by mail, telephone or WhatsApp. We take care of your request immediately and make you an individual offer.

Persönlicher TYPO3-Support

Wir bieten Ihnen zusätzliche Unterstützung im Umgang mit TYPO3 durch unsere erfahrenen Mitarbeiter. Wir helfen Ihnen bei allen Themen rund um das CMS und die Website-Base, vom Erstellen neuer Inhalte bis hin zur Entwicklung neuer Plugins für Ihr System. Lesen Sie mehr über unsere Konditionen und die gebotenen Services auf unserer Informationsseite zum TYPO3-Support.

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