The Website-Base's Default Theme

At the moment, the Website-Base comes with a professionally created base design. All content elements were made to fit this design to make them work seemlessly with each other and make your web pages always look perfect.

You can get hands-on with the base design on our demo page to get an insight to the frontend experience your users will have.

The Website-Base in your Corporate Design

The building blocks of the Website-Base can be created entirely individually in line with your brand's corporate design.

Would you like a refresh of your brand's design for the launch of your new website? That is possible as well. You can order a new individually created coroporate design together with your new website. If you wish, we will gladly conceive your website in this newly made design.

Coming Soon

More Base Themes and a Design Configurator

We are currently working on several additional pre-configured base designs. You will later be able to choose any one of these designs. Additionally, we want to provide a configuration tool to let you adjust the colors of these base designs.

Do you want to have a professionally designed website?

We are looking forward to your inquiry via our form or via one of the other contact ways.