Accelerated Mobile Pages are highly performance-optimized versions of regular web pages, which are preferred on mobile devices to enable fast loading of the website even with poor data connections. They are one among many components of the Website-Base's performance optimization.

Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Today, more than 50% of all worldwide page views are generated by mobile users. The use of Accelerated Mobile Pages can significantly speed up the process of opening a page for mobile users, which leaves them less frustrated with the site they are visiting. Thus, ultimately more real page views and, at best, increased sales are achieved.

Therefore, the website base offers the possibility to automatically output any page as an AMP page in addition to the normal configuration. As part of the Website-Base search engine optimization, we've made sure that AMP pages are reliably recognized by search engines and displayed to mobile users instead of the regular page. Many search engines reward the offering of these accelerated pages with improved rankings.

Creating AMP Pages

With the website base, entire branches of the page tree, such as a blog overview page and all the articles of the blog, can be quickly tweaked for accelerated mobile invocation with a simple checkmark in the top pages properties. The top page itself can be excluded from this choice with another checkmark. A third check lets you enable AMP-versions of singular pages. 

Pages for which an AMP version is available are marked with a green flash in the backend page tree.

The Website-Base has been configured to allow search engines to automatically detect the optimal page for the end user's device. For mobile users, search engines will provide the AMP version of all pages where it is available. These are automatically generated based on the normal version of the page, with some of the optical page output limited to optimize page performance.

For this page an AMP version was demonstratively made available. That version can be called up by clicking on the following button.


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