TypoScript-Plugin Update 1.2

TypoScript-Plugin Update 1.2

Fabian Galinski 07. July 2014 Releases

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Recently we released version 1.2 of our TypoScript plugin for PhpStorm!

This update mainly improves the structure tree. Multi-line values are now displayed in a shortened form. In addition, it is now possible to jump directly to the variable definition with a left click. Furthermore, an up and down sorting according to the alphabet has been integrated.

Another new core feature also saw the light of day in this release. So the Jetbrains Spellchecker for comments was added.

Last but not least we have implemented a possibility to define the standard TypoScript file extension ourselves, e.g. "*.tsc". This prevents our plugin from colliding with Jetbrains' official TypeScript plugin. This was a feature request from the community. Many thanks for the feedback at this point!

To set the file type, you have to go to the new "TypoScript Settings", which are located under the "IDE Settings". If a new "File Type" was selected, you have to change it afterwards in the "File Types" dialog as well. The following picture illustrates the process.


Milestone: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/phpstorm/phpstorm-typoscript-plugin/milestones/3
Tag: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/phpstorm/phpstorm-typoscript-plugin/commits/v1.2

In the course of this release we have also integrated a PayPal button to make potential donations easier for you. We would like to thank you in advance for every donation, which enables us to integrate additional features, such as TYPO3 Neos support, faster into the product.


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