TypoScript-Plugin Update 1.3 with Neos-Support

TypoScript-Plugin Update 1.3 with Neos-Support

Fabian Galinski 20. August 2014 Releases

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Last week I worked again on an update for our TypoScript plugin. As of today, version 1.3 is freely available for our users!

 First of all I want to share the changes to TypoScript1 with you.

One of the first changes is that there is now a breadcrumb. Currently you can already find such a breadcrumb in the HTML editor of PhpStorm. But if you don't want to use it, you can disable it via the TypoScript configuration. This was added in update 1.2. If you have done this, you have to close the editor once and open it again. This should have disappeared by now.

Also, a lot of bugs have been fixed which affected the autocompletion among other things. One was that once you removed two elements from the last known type, you no longer had any suggestions.

An example of this is:  

page = PAGE
page.10 = TEXT
page.10.[Contains completions]
page.10.if.[Does not contain]

This bug also affected the code documentation, which did not display any information anymore. From now on this is possible again!

Another change of the autocompletion is that the type of the parent and of the element itself is displayed with a suggestion. This then looks like Figure 1.

In addition, "FLUIDTEMPLATE" is now also listed in auto-completion and in some situations when opening a block it could happen that two brackets ("}") were created instead of just one.

The next thing to announce is that TypoScript2 support is now available.

The currently implemented functions are a breadcrumb, like the ones in TS1, except that you can't turn them off here yet. There is also already a code convolution, a parenthesis matcher and a code formatter. There is also a syntax highlighter and of course the corresponding syntax error analyzer.

Of course, all these functions would not have been possible if we had not developed a parser. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Michiel Roos, who gave me useful information during the development.

We are very happy about feedback and of course also about suggestions for improvement, which you can put on our Issue Tracker.

If somebody wants to support us financially with this project, you are welcome to contact us via our Contact form.
Below is the complete changelog:

Version 1.3


  • [FEATURE] Implementation of a breadcrumb bar for the editor
  • [TASK] Change of the element type in the code autocompletion
  • [BUGFIX] The autocompletion does not work in some cases.
  • [BUGFIX] FLUIDTEMPLATE is missing in the tsref.xml.
  • [BUGFIX] An extra brace will be created if a block begins directly after a keyword.
  • [BUGFIX] Sometimes the code documentation is not shown.


  • [FEATURE] Neos support
  • [FEATURE] Syntax highlighter
  • [FEATURE] Syntax error detection
  • [FEATURE] Brace matcher
  • [FEATURE] Code formatter
  • [FEATURE] Folding builder
  • [FEATURE] Breadcrumb

Finally, I'll show you what TS2 support currently looks like:


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