The Website-Base

This all-in-one package, created based on the open source content management system TYPO3, is the perfect foundation for your new website. As TYPO3 is well scalable, the Website-Base is suited for projects of all kind: From a small blog to company homepages of any size up to an extensive online shop, everything is possible.

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The Distributions in Comparison1

Distribution Features

Magazines & Blogs


Online Shop

excl. 19 % VAT

excl. 19 % VAT

excl. 19 % VAT

Based on TYPO3

Simple modular system

Professional design

High stability and security

Active search engine optimization

Social media connections

Article writing for blogs / news sections

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for blogs

Registration and login system with user management

Protected page areas and secure downloads

Career portal

Available on request

Online shop system

Multi-domain management

Available on request Available on request Available on request

Support for multiple languages

Available on request Available on request Available on request

Core Functionalities

Large TYPO3-Community

The Website-Base is built upon TYPO3, one of the largest content management systems for commercial websites. TYPO3 is being continuously developed and improved as an open source project by its active community. This guarantees that your website will always use state-of-the-art technologies and you will be supported not only by us, but also other TYPO3 users and developers.

Easy-to-Use Modular System

In the  Website-Base, your web contents are created via intuitive building blocks with just a few clicks, which only needs little effort. Whether you are already familiar with TYPO3 or want to get started with it now: the Website-Base's modular system provides very easy administration tools for its numerous functions.

Professional Design

All building blocks of the Website-Base were designed professionally in perfect harmony with one another to ensure an authentic representation of the quality of your services and products.

Optimized for Mobile Users

In the mobile age the Website-Base shines with its flexible websites reacting to every user's device. This way, you can represent your company appealingly to all visitors.

Stable & Secure

Stability and security play a large role in the development of our products. You can have utmost trust in the Website-Base as we keep developing it continuously in accordance with our high quality standards.

Search Engine Optimization

Through optimized performance, the support of accelerated mobile pages (AMP), an automatically created sitemap and many more SEO-features, the Website-Base achieves good search engine rankings almost on its own.

Expandable Functional Scope

The range of functions of the CMS TYPO3, which is the foundation of the Website-Base, can be expanded with more than 6,000 independently developed extensions. We will gladly test the compatibility of new extensions with the Website-Base for you.

Article System for Blogs & Magazines

Write your blog articles with the Website-Base! It offers a wide range of functions that let you create articles easily with much room for creative freedom. Clear and simple-to-use administrative features are also provided.

YouTube Videos and Social Media Posts

Do you want to embed your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube channel on your website? With the Website-Base you can connect feeds of your social media channels that automatically display the newest posts and embed singular videos off of YouTube or Vimeo with just a few clicks.

Additional Features

The Website-Base's core functions mentioned above are the foundation of all distributions. For company websites and online shops, we extended them with a bunch of additional features.

Registration & Login System

With functions such as the possibility to log in via Google or Facebook in addition to the classic email registration, website users enjoy utmost comfort when logging in to your web system.

Furthermore, mdern security features such as registration confirmations via email and strong password requirements have been implemented.

Automatically Generated Messages

The dispatch of system notifications like requests for email confirmations, is handled largely automatically in the Website-Base by inserting the content of any message into the fitting email template. All necessary templates are delivered with the Website-Base and can be edited to your liking with a simple editor that is also included.

Protected Downloads and Site Areas

The login system of the Website-Base makes it easy to protect page areas and files from access by unauthorized individuals. Only a few clicks are needed and all your sensitive information is absolutely secure.

This way you can, for example, provide internal data exclusively to logged in staff members.

Career Portal

Company Distribution

The Website-Base distribution for companies includes all tools needed to manage a career portal of arbitrary size. Many of the job advertisement information, for example the address of the related job location, only need to be entered once and can later be re-used for other vacancies, which can save a lot of time when a large number of vacancies is being tendered.

For applicants, a full-fledged online application process is implemented. At the end of the process, all application data gets sent to the related employee  automatically for further processing.

Managing job offers in the Website-Base becomes efficient, clear and effortless all at the same time thanks to these functionalities.

Online Shop System

Online Shop Distribution

No matter what products or services you offer: The Website-Base's shop system includes all the functionality you need for online sales. Thanks to the direct integration into the TYPO3 backend, you can manage products, sales and product pages efficiently and clearly in one place.

Many steps in the sales process, including the creation of new invoices and parts of customer communications, have been automated so you can focus on developing your products instead.

Of course, all available payment methods meet the latest security standards.

Available Extras

There are some additional features available for the Website-Base which need special care from our experienced staff for every use case. If you want to use any of these features, simply send us a request with your specific requirements. We will make you a non-binding offer for the implementation of the new features based on your request.

These functionalities can also be added to your active web system in hindsight, for example, when your company expand to foreign countries and then need an additional localized version of its website.

Career Portal for Online Stores

Online Shop Distribution

By adding a career portal to this distribution, its functional scope resembles the company distribution with an added online shop. This way, you are able to, instead of operating an online store separated from your website, create a full-fledged hompage of your company that includes a job portal as well as an online store.

Additional Language Versions

The Website-Base is excellently suited to create translations of your homepage clearly and with little effort.

To initialize a new translation, some profound settings need to configured, which we will gladly do for you. We will also implement a button for switching languages in the front-end according to your wishes.

Multiple Domains in one Back-End

Managing multiple domains within one back-end of the Website-Base is also possible. This lets you, for example, run an online shop separated from your homepage under a different URL without having to enter identical information multiple times because you can freely exchange all content between both websites. You can save a lot of time and gain much comfort for administrating your web content by using this functionality.

You can find further information about the features of the Website-Base on its main information page within our TYPO3 section.

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Long-Time Support

Additionally, we offer you ongoing support for using TYPO3 through our experienced employees. We help you with all issues around the CMS and our Website-Base, from creating new content to developing neu plug-ins for your system. Read more about our conditions and the included services on our info page about TYPO3 support.

1All prices are targeting commercial customers only and are written excl. 19 % VAT. The offer includes the license for the usage of all delivered standard features and software installation through sgalinski Internet Services staff members. Excluded from the offer are all individual configurations, such as design, content creation or implementation of additional features. Those are available on request for a surcharge.