Publication of the Fluid-Plugin and our shop

Publication of the Fluid-Plugin and our shop

Philipp Nowinski 08. June 2016 Company News

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About two years ago we announced the release of the first version of our TypoScript plugin for the IDEs PhpStorm and Webstorm from Jetbrains.
After the great success with almost 10,000 satisfied users, we are pleased to announce today the release of another product of our plugin family: The Fluid plugin for the IntelliJ IDEs!

In addition to TypoScript, the template language Fluid has developed into another important mainstay of TYPO3 projects in recent years. Since Fluid is based on the XML markup language, a rudimentary IDE support was already provided. Especially when using the alternative inline syntax - which makes sense in many places - developers had to do without the help of the editor. Even those who were used to features such as error detection, quick documentation, auto-completion or direct jumping to the definitions of the functions used (e.g. the ViewHelper used, or even jumping to referenced layouts, parts, or sections) from other languages, had to do without this convenience with Fluid.

The Fluid plugin offers a solution to these problems and to close the gap in the IDE support for TYPO3. Internally, we have already used the plugin in several test runs and have noticed significant improvements in the workflow. The plugin relieves frontend developers in particular of many annoying little things that previously had to be manually controlled and often required a lot of time for debugging. Fluid is an integral part of the regular work with TYPO3 and to have the full support of an IDE makes this without a doubt much more efficient and pleasant. Now you can benefit from this significant productivity boost.

A detailed overview of all features can be found on the product page of the plugin. Licenses can be purchased in our brand new shop. For TYPO3 developers it is worthwhile to buy the bundle at a reduced price, together with the latest version of our TypoScript plugin, which in the future will contain new features, initially in the commercial version. We rely on your support in order to be able to continue to offer new and improved versions of our plugins. We are already planning a TYPO3-Framework-Plugin, which will make your work with generators and other delicacies easier. You can find the configurable bundle offer directly on the respective product page in the shop, if you scroll something.

PS: The commercial version of our toolchain is now also available directly from the shop. So it's definitely worth to have a look :-)

Update - 08.06.2016

Directly one day after the release of the Fluid-Plugin, we have already developed a first update, which solves problems that were noticed during operation.

Changelog of Version 1.0.1

  • Bugfix: Errors of the Inline-View-Helper-Syntax have been fixed.
  • Bugfix: Auto-completion of own view helpers did not work correctly.
  • Bugfix: A bug was fixed which occurred with the "Go To Decleration" function.

The fluid plugin in use


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