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Wir sind eine Internetagentur, die sich auf das CMS TYPO3 für die Erstellung von professionellen Webseiten fokussiert hat. Wir bieten aber auch andere Leistungen und Produkte an, so wie Online Shops, Mobile Apps und spezielle Software-Entwicklung.

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The re-design and re-launch of our website, which is available in five languages including Chinese and included a migration to the latest version of TYPO3, took place within virtually a matter of three weeks from start to finish with sgalinski.

Their professionalism, spot on consultation that proves excellent web technical and customer user journey knowledge and their dedication, meant that we had a successful go-live right on time.

Our webmasters have been impressed with how easy the website has been constructed, making the updating of it a piece of cake. With several language fallbacks to mirror the complicated product availability for our regions, sgalinski engineered our website's backend with great thought,
while at the same time they learned our product portfolio which also meant: true involvement from their site.

I can only recommend the sgalinski agency and already look forward to our next projects with Stefan and Philipp.

Christina Drescher, Head of Marketing
Softing IT Networks GmbH
Christina Drescher - Head of Marketing Softing IT Networks Softing IT Networks

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@phptutorials99 Be careful with [page["uid"] == 2] in #TYPO3 with #PHP8, better use [traverse(page, "uid") == 2]


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