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For our long-time customer AYInnovation® and AYInstitute® Ulm, we relaunched the website at the beginning of the year. is the portal for Ashtanga Yoga in Germany. Thanks to the multilingual nature of the site, it can also count many users from all over the world.

What seems like a small to medium-sized site at first glance, turns out to be a complex portal on closer inspection. In addition to a very extensive event system, features such as the YogiFinder, which is able to display yoga schools close to the visitor using the Geolocation API, or the Transliterations tool, which helps to convert texts into Devanagari script, or Roman script with diacritical characters, are also included. Behind the login there is also a small e-learning system which supports yoga students and future yoga teachers of the institute in their training.

Goals of the relaunch

In addition to a more modern design, the relaunch aimed to unify the structures of the site in many places, thus enabling consistent user guidance and simplifying technical maintainability. The design language created by the designer contains some recurring elements that are used throughout the site. Particularly striking are the page headers and teaser elements which are used intensively to link to subpages.

The page header

The header area of the page is the first thing the user sees. The large, sometimes very impressive graphics and photos that can be set individually for each page create a mood that fits the page. In addition to the page title, other meta information, such as the author of the page, or the article, the date, or the location can also be displayed on event pages. Depending on which page you are on, this data is automatically determined by the system and displayed accordingly. It is also possible to display a Google map instead of a background image.

Teaser Element

To link subpages, teaser elements can be used that look very much like miniature versions of the pages they represent. To create a teaser, simply select the page to be teasered in the backend. The system then determines from the meta data of each page which information should be displayed in the teaser.

Main menu

Another interesting component is the main menu. Up to three page levels can be displayed with the help of the mega menu. In addition, content elements, such as teasers, can also be placed in it. This can be set individually for each page and thus offers a very flexible possibility to highlight special content, such as certain events, or for the context important content pages directly in the navigation.

Technical basis

The relaunch of is based on the first version of our website base, including a CSS framework specially developed for the site. The CMS is TYPO 3 6.2, the integrated search was implemented using Apache Solr.

The long-standing cooperation with AYInnovation® and AYInstitute® Ulm, as well as the joint implementation of the relaunch of, has given us a lot of pleasure and we are looking forward to a further common path and the further development of the project.


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