Relaunch der EWR Sales page

Relaunch der EWR Sales page

Philipp Nowinski 20. June 2016 Company News

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In cooperation with trurnit GmbH, we implemented the relaunch of the EEA sales website. EWR AG has been an energy supplier in Rheinhessen for more than 100 years.

In addition to the implementation of a modern, responsive design, some interesting technical features were also in the foreground. The heart of the new site is certainly the postal code companion. With the help of this tool, visitors can have content specially adapted for their region delivered by specifying their postcode. This makes it possible, for example, to advertise regionally limited campaigns or offers in a targeted manner. The editors have special content elements at their disposal in the backend whose content can be overwritten for certain postal code regions.


Based on our in-house extension sg_events, an event system has been integrated with which events of the EEA can be announced and advertised. This feature is particularly interesting in connection with the postal code companion. Once the user has entered his postcode, the system automatically sorts the events according to their location. In this way, visitors can be made aware directly of events in their immediate vicinity.

News / Press Releases

Also our extension sg_news will be used again in this instance. The TYPO3 extension, already proven in other projects, is used here to present news from the company in a blog-like form. Thanks to an adaptation in the latest version, it is now possible to use the extension several times in one project. Thus also the press release system could be converted on basis of sg_news. This makes it possible to publish EEA press releases in an area separated from the news.

Are you interested in implementing a project with similar requirements? - You are welcome to contact us!

Technical basis

As technical basis we use our website base in the current version 2.3. It is based on TYPO3 7 and Bootstrap. Also in this project we used the mask extension for TYPO3 more intensively for the first time. With the help of content elements specially adapted to the project, many requirements can be implemented very flexibly and easily. Especially for the editor, this simplifies the maintenance of the content in many places - a concept that is now firmly anchored in our website base.

The good cooperation with trurnit GmbH and the EEA has given us a lot of pleasure and we are looking forward to the successful implementation of further joint projects.


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