Relaunch of the EWR corporate website

Relaunch of the EWR corporate website

Philipp Nowinski 07. September 2016 Company News

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After having implemented the relaunch the EWR sales website in cooperation with trurnit GmbH in the spring, the second project now follows: the EEA group side.

Multi-domain instance

The structural and technical structure of the two EEA sites is very similar. In order to keep the administration effort as low as possible, both sides are managed in the same TYPO3 instance. Another practical aspect of this solution is that many technical resources, such as extensions used on both sides, can be shared.

The fact that the two sides belong together becomes clear at first glance. The design of the group page is very similar to that of the sales page. In this case, the multi-domain setup made it possible to create both themes on the same code base. Structural code could be split directly, additional code, e.g. for elements that only occur on one of the two pages, could be outsourced and only included for the relevant page. Trivial adjustments, like distances and colors, could be set simply by variables.

Shared events - sg_events in multi-domain operation

Another advantage of the multi-domain setup was that both instances can access the same databases if required. A good example of this is our in-house event extension sg_events. Events that are announced on the sales website should be partly also found on the group page. sg_events is also able to access entries of other page trees. Thus it is possible to display events on both sides without having to maintain the content twice.

Technical basis

The technical basis is our website base, which since version 4.0 also allows the integration of multi-domain setups. This is based on TYPO3 7 and Bootstrap. Our Command Line Interface and Frontend-Helper SGC are also integrated into the base. Since the last release, the SGC is able to generate several JavaScript compilates within the same extension, which was absolutely necessary for the implementation of the multi-domain instance. In addition, many content elements were implemented with the mask extension for TYPO3, as was already the case with the sales side. A concept that has proved very successful for us in the meantime and is an important component of our website basis.

The great cooperation with trurnit GmbH and the EEA has again given us a lot of pleasure and we are very happy to see the site in a new guise on the net.


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