TYPO3 Camp München 2017

TYPO3 Camp München 2017

Johannes Kreiner 11. September 2017 Conferences

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On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Munich TYPO3 camps from 08.09 to 10.09.2017 we were again on site with three employees.


To get the participants in the mood for the TYPO3 camp, a complete tram was rented for Friday evening, in which the traditional Bavarian celebration continued into the night - with squeeze and beer.


On Saturday morning we arrived at the venue: the vocational training centre of Deutsche Vermögensberatung in the media capital Unterföhring. Then, after an extensive breakfast in our own canteen, we started our welcome in the large conference hall at 10:00 am. After the opening speech, every sponsor present - including us - was awarded a prize, which once again emphasized the importance of the sponsors for the TYPO3camps.

Afterwards we started the session planning for the four provided rooms: for the big conference hall, the two smaller rooms "Rosenheim" and "Munich" and last but not least the chillout room. In the chillout room, as the name suggests, there was no fixed programme, instead the participants were allowed to relax or, for example, use the table for exciting duels.

As befits a bar camp, the participants were then free to choose between the respective sessions - and thus rooms - and I personally decided on the sessions described below.

Solr Fluid Templating

Timo Hund talked about the new features of version 7 of the solr extension in his lecture in the packed room "Rosenheim". As the headline already reveals, the main topics discussed were the new possibilities offered by the use of fluid templates. This new feature offers considerable advantages over the old marker-based templating. For example, the basic functionality no longer requires its own ViewHelper and the entire structure has been adapted to Extbase's preferred design patterns Domain Driven Design and Model View Controller. Extending and modifying the already existing templates is now much easier with the already existing standard templates than with the previous variant. Finally, general questions regarding open source development and procedures with regard to financial support and feature priorities were discussed.

Slides of the presentation: https://www.slideshare.net/timohund/use-fluid-templating-for-your-typo3-search

Example extension which extends solr: https://github.com/TYPO3-Solr/ext-solrfluidexample


The developer Viktor Livakivskyi presented a complete development environment in the large conference hall, which is managed by Docker. He discussed the possibilities of creating a separate Docker container for the respective components of a web server with a TYPO3 instance and then, depending on requirements and intended use - including staging, production and local - putting these together differently and configuring them for the respective needs. It was also pointed out the different uses compared to Vagrant, with the following conclusion:

If the customer manages his server himself, it would be better to use Vagrant. However, if you have server management in your hands, you can work more efficiently with automated deployments through Dockers. An interesting explanation, but unfortunately there was no time for a more detailed comparison.

Code used for the session: https://github.com/InvisibleKind/docker-typo3

Interface design / development

Fabian Ziegler, managing director of the Stuttgart agency TEAM23, described the interfaces between design and development departments in this presentation and gave optimization suggestions for both sides. I was particularly interested in the statement that a designer today should be a frontend developer and vice versa. In the large conference hall, the typical points of friction, such as the asset transfer, were also discussed and tools or a whole pipeline for the optimization of workflows was presented.

This can be roughly summarized as follows:

  • Sketch or Figma for the screen design
  • InVision or Framer for design communication (via prototypes) to other departments
  • Zeplin for a so-called "Living Styleguide" as a reference for all departments

Prototyping is also very important - the creation of scribbles, living prototypes and wireframes. The functionality of UI elements can be seen through a scribble as well as through text - but the creation of a scribble is faster than a pure text description - and easier to understand for the other person.

TYPO3 form Extension

The form extension, completely reworked with TYPO3 v8, was presented by Markus Sommer from the Munich agency in2code in the large conference hall. In particular, the detailed documentation and the multitude of configuration options, which are stored in a YAML file and not in the database, were discussed. Conceptual difficulties were also recognized: should the form configuration be available in the version control system, a change by an editor would be undesirable. And if not, then the form element would not be stored in the database, but by default only in the fileadmin folder as a YAML file. Also, localization of the field names is currently only possible via the YAML configuration file - a no-go for most editors. In any case, it remains exciting to see how the development of this extension will progress.

Food as in the Middle Ages

After the instructive sessions with many exciting topics we went to the social event on Saturday evening: the Welser-Mahl in the Welser Kuche (Munich). Here there was honey mead from cow horns and tasty food as well as entertainment and information matching the medieval setting. To quote the organizers: "At the 10th TYPO3camp in Munich, we are building a bridge between long past and future digital worlds!


Automated upgrade process - TYPO3 6.2 to 8.7

During this session Franz Kugelmann from elementare teilchen showed us how to upgrade a TYPO3 6.2 installation directly to TYPO3 8.7 with the in-house extension upgrader. In addition, the extension typo3-console by Helmut Hummel is needed, because it provides a lot of commands, which are mandatory for the script. In general you have to consider that you can't simply install and run the upgrader, because the MySQL scripts have to be adapted to the instance. Furthermore you have to change the TYPO3 sources to 8.7 first. The script can't do all the work for you, but it makes the upgrade a lot easier. As soon as you have fulfilled the requirements, you can simply execute the script and watch it run. The result should be a working instance that displays the pages and content elements as error-free as possible. Now you can calmly devote your attention to your own extensions, which still have to be manually adapted to the new version.

Memory training

Jens Seiler - aka Jens the Thinker - gave a very interesting lecture about memory training and how to improve it with a certain method. He taught it with games that served as good examples. In general, the purpose of the method was to connect the unknown with known objects, spaces or memories. At the end you can recall them and remember the connection.

Tire, candle, scissors, pyramid, cloverleaf, hand, guitar, dwarf, roller coaster and cone. We should remember these terms while playing and the order should not be confused. Without a method, these are forgotten by most people in the shortest time, or the order is confused. Virtually everyone present has forgotten terms or confused the order. Only after Jens explained us a method, the result was clearly better. He has linked these terms to the numbers 0 - 9 and each of these can be associated with those.

0 Tyres A tire is round like a 0.
1 Candle The candle is just like the 1.
2 Scissors A pair of scissors resembles a pair.
3 Pyramid The pyramid has 3 edges from each side.
(except from below ;)
4 Cloverleaf The four-leaf cloverleaf.
5 Hand The hand has five fingers.
6 Guitar A guitar has 6 strings.
7 Dwarf Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.
8 Coaster ride The eight-highway.
9 Cone Clear all 9 cones during coning.


We thank all sponsors, speakers, participants and especially the organizers for the wonderful TYPO3camp and look forward to the next time!

PS: All information about the talks can be found in the official Etherpad of the camp.


  • Björn Jacob (TRITUM)

    Björn Jacob (TRITUM)

    at 15.09.2017

    Danke für den informativen Beitrag. Leider konnten wir von TRITUM nicht dabei sein. Ich möchte kurz auf das Form Framework eingehen, vor allem auf die Problematik mit der Lokalisierung. Für TYPO3 v9 [...] Danke für den informativen Beitrag. Leider konnten wir von TRITUM nicht dabei sein. Ich möchte kurz auf das Form Framework eingehen, vor allem auf die Problematik mit der Lokalisierung. Für TYPO3 v9 planen wir hier eine wesentliche Vereinfachung. Aktuell sind wir an der Erarbeitung der Roadmap, die u.a. auf dem TYPO3 University Day verfeinert werden wird. Bzgl. des Handlings der YAML Konfigurations- und Definitionsdateien haben wir allerdings aktuell keine Änderung auf dem Schirm. Hier erreichte uns bisher keinerlei negatives Feedback.

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