TYPO3Camp Mallorca 2014

TYPO3Camp Mallorca 2014

Markus Günther 17. September 2014 Conferences

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Mallorca - an island of peace and tranquillity, but also of life and variety. Due to the versatility of the Mediterranean island it is worth a trip for every season. For three years now the TYPO3 developers have been using this beautiful ambience to meet on the biggest and most famous island of the Balearic Islands for a TYPO3camp.

The TYPO3camp Mallorca was the first international camp in the TYPO3 area and took a pioneering role three years ago. TYPO3camps - barcamps specializing in TYPO3 - have been held regularly since 2008. They are especially widespread in Germany. But the camp on Mallorca is different and so again this year there were about 100 TYPO3 enthusiasts on the Balearic Islands. It must be due to the charm and the ambience of the island that many also visit this camp for the third time in a row. For some it is even the highlight of the year.

I was this year the very first time on Mallorca and thus also the first time on this Camp. I have to say that I had some prejudices in advance and for these reasons never travelled to the TYPO3camp in Mallorca. But the community and the island convinced me that it is really worthwhile to take the long trip for a TYPO3camp. So, a small conclusion in advance: "I simply found it great!

For me, the participation in this year's TYPO3camp was very spontaneous. As so often, I took part in a competition via Twitter. But this time it should be different than usual, because I won a ticket for the camp incl. 100 € travel voucher at Hiscox. I have to thank Hiscox, my boss and my wife very much for the fact that I was able to collect these experiences on Mallorca.

One week before the camp it was unfortunately no longer possible to get a room in the conference hotel. So it came that I booked a hotel 5 km further away. But it should turn out to be a stroke of luck, as the island could always be explored on the way to the camp and back to the hotel. I have to say that I like Mallorca very much.

Friday 12. September - Day 1

As usual with a bar camp, a social event takes place the day before the actual camp. On Mallorca, however, this tradition was extended. So it was possible for the participants to have Palma shown to them in a different way.

The city tour of the somewhat different kind brought the city from a not so tourist-oriented point of view closer. I think all participants agreed and found the tour through Palma very nice. Thanks also to the organizers for this additional service.

On Friday evening all participants gathered in the "Boat House" at the harbour of Palma. It was a very nice evening with snacks, beer and sangria. In the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the port, interesting conversations with familiar as well as new faces of the community quickly took place. The most exciting thing was the international character, because where else can you talk to TYPO3 enthusiasts from Finland, Norway, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands and Germany? Of course you will also meet many nationalities at T3CON, but not in such a beautiful place, in such great weather. In short the evening was from my point of view a very nice start for the camp.

Saturday 13. September - Day 2

The actual camp started as usual on Saturday. After the very nice evening before I had expected from my prejudices that some participants would not make it to the opening session, but I was taught a better lesson. The session room was well filled and there were interesting talks after the organizational part.

Since I couldn't be in several tracks at the same time, I will only report on the sessions I attended. There is however, as already to the TYPO3camp Munich, an Etherpad with notes. So even non-participants of the camp can benefit from the content, which I think is a great idea.

TYPO3 Neos

The first session for me should be about Neos again. I like the product and learned something new although I have seen a lot of Neos-Talks.

Stefan Regniet presented the concepts behind this new CMS. Many questions were answered by him and you could influence the course of the session yourself. He explained the structure of the database, the TypoScripts and the backend. The comparison to the TYPO3 CMS was made regularly to get a better understanding. After this session each participant had a good overview of how to configure Neos projects with TYPO3 and how to create menus and other new elements with Fluid and TS2. For me it was still very interesting to see how you can create multilingual pages with Neos using TYPO3 Neos and Content Dimensions. Thanks to techdivision and Stefan Regniet for these insights.

40 reasons to migrate to TYPO3 CMS 6.2

After the first session I was able to sit on the chair in the room jweiland. Our President of the Association, Managing Director of DKD and Reverend invited to the discussion. The aim of the discussion was to gather enough information to create a kind of FAQ Document for the migration.

Many customers wonder why should I update to TYPO3 6.2 at all? Customers are happy with the version they have and rarely see the added value of the update. There was a lot of participation in the discussion and besides reasons for a migration also strategies of the agencies became clear how to convince a customer to update the version.

If someone has still further ideas he can turn gladly to Oliver Dobberkau or Ingo Schmidt. The contact details can be found in the Etherpad linked above.

PHPStorm Features

Strengthened by the very tasty lunch in the hotel I continued with an interesting summary by András Ottó about useful features of PHPStorm - a development environment of JetBrains.
András showed a lot of shortcuts and features of PHPStorm that simplify working life and speed up work processes. It was also very nice to see him mentioning our PHPStorm Plugin for TypoScript. Thanks for that :) :)

Result Driven Design

The last session of the day was also the best for me. Robert Zierhoffer from One Drop Solutions explained the principles of Result Driven Designs. The session not only convinced me in terms of content, but I was also very impressed by Robert's presentation style. It sometimes reminded me of an Apple keynote and he was in the role of Jonathan Ive and explained to us why some things on websites are simply bad.

I think you can summarize everything with a few things. "simplicity" as a directive!
Economy in colours, elements and content has more value than a flood of information.
The user has to reach his goal quickly and for this there is no need for distraction, but for guidance.

Robert's slides can also be viewed again on Slideshare, but the slides alone do not replace this presentation.

Kicker World Cup

The sessions were over, but the day was still young. Since we had quite a lot of nationalities there, this time there was no normal kicker tournament, but a World Cup. It was organized by the sponsor Reply. It was a lot of fun and won a non-German team. Congratulations to András and Erika from Hungary.

Besides the aspect of further education and the exchange of knowledge at a bar camp, socializing also plays an important role. So on the evening of Saturday a nice evening at the harbour was planned. As the evening before, there were many nice conversations with a few drinks and snacks - this time at the Ciento13.

I personally sat at a table with old acquaintances from the TYPO3 host jweiland and employees of the hosting group of 1&1. It was very interesting to talk with employees of 1&1 about TYPO3 and hosting in general. As one of the biggest hosters in Germany, they don't enjoy a very good reputation in the community yet. But this will change and the presence of the three employees has shown that the company really wants to better understand us from the TYPO3 community in order to offer better products. For example, all participants of the camp were able to express their wishes and criticism. Be it directly in conversations with the employees or through a wish box. I find it very praiseworthy that the company is taking this step and I am curious to see to what extent 1&1 will support the TYPO3 community in the future. Keep it going! :-)

Sunday 14. September - Day 3

Already day 3 - unfortunately the camp is coming to an end and as always it went much too fast. Also on the second day there was an opening session with session planning. Subjectively more people jumped up on Sunday than on Saturday to make a suggestion.


Gernot Ploiner from Austria recently started a crowdfunding project to provide a new modern way to create content elements and content masks in TYPO3. This project was created on the startnext platform under the name Mask and quickly reached the required amount of money.

There is now an almost finished prototype and Gernot wanted to present how easy it is to create new content elements with the help of Mask. We from sgalinski Internet Services also supported this project and were curious about the progress.

It's nice to see that the team makes many of the functions usable with TYPO3's on-board tools. So TYPO3 features like workspaces and multilingualism can be used without further ado. The new elements use the "Template Engine Fluid" to render the templates. The new elements can even be used with extensions such as GridElements. You could use Mask for example as a replacement for the TemplaVoila FCE's.

The project made a very good impression and I am looking forward to the first published prototype. It will be fun to work with it.

TYPO3 Neos Showcases

In a kind of continuation of the Neos Session on Saturday Saskia presented together with Stefan several TYPO3 Neos websites from the "Freie Wildbahn". The website of the TYPO3camp Mallorca was realized with TYPO3 Neos and so Saskia showed us how to create and configure own page elements. It was to be seen that with only few lines TypoScript 2 and YAML a new element for a contact form or for a content slider is created fast.

Stefan Regniet from Techdivision presented the project "Centurion", which is already well known to many people. It was one of the first customer websites with TYPO3 Neos and it is interesting to see how easy it is to use the backend. All functionalities of the Centurion site have been integrated into the version of TYPO3 Neos. Thanks to Techdivision for this!

Much more exciting for me was the second presented website of Stefan. Because the project already uses multilingualism via Content Dimensions. This feature will be released with version 1.2 of TYPO3 Neos. We could see that the master branch already provides all functionalities for this. So far the feature is not documented yet, but the examples have shown that the configuration via YAML seems to be easy.

The end

Unfortunately the camp was over for me. I had to travel home quite early and was forced to leave the camp after lunch. I would have liked to participate in the CDN session of Ingo Schmidt and in the No Estimates talk of Sven Dietz.

It was an all around very successful camp and one cannot thank enough for it. The camp was only made possible by the tireless work of the Orga team, the many helping hands, the many nice participants and the numerous sponsors. We were also part of the sponsor family.

Personally I would like to thank Hiscox for the ticket and sgalinski Internet Services for their support during the spontaneous booking of the camp. In any case, it made me want more Mallorca!


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