TYPO3Camp München 2015

TYPO3Camp München 2015

Maximilian Mayer 15. September 2015 Conferences

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The sgalinski Internet Services Team visited this year's TYPO3Camp in Munich with 3 employees.

We started with the WarmUp Party on Friday at 19:00 o'clock in the Magali am Oberanger. Here we had, like the last years, the possibility to get to know the participants of the TYPO3Camp in advance and to have cosy conversations, drinks and delicious Chili Con Carne.

Punctually at 10:00 o'clock on Saturday we started with the greeting and session planning. Those who were hungry and thirsty before could help themselves to a delicious breakfast.

After the session planning followed a general keynote by Alain Veuve on the topic "Digital Transformation: What do we have to do with it? After the joint keynote, everyone could decide on a desired session, as usual on a bar camp.

On Saturday after dinner the social event was scheduled, which ended in Munich with the best parties due to the good organization. Until 22:30 the people were busy with kickers, chatting and drinking beer. At 22:30 o'clock then the departure direction main station. From there we walked to the club "Neuraum", where we had a lot of fun and celebrated extensively.

On Sunday at 10:00 o'clock for the session planning one or the other was not yet fit or even still in bed. This showed the participants who didn't want to go to the party on Saturday what they had missed. At 4:30 p.m. the final session followed, thanking the sponsors and giving away the TYPO3 Challenge Cup.
Among other things the following sessions were held:

Content Publisher

Directly after the keynote this very well attended session was held by Andreas Fießer and Oliver Eglseder. The Content Publisher is a high-quality tool for separating live and staging systems and preparing content for the latter. Using simple workflows, these can then be put live with just a few clicks. An exciting tool, which has its target group especially in larger instances and enriches the ecosystem around TYPO3. Many thanks to in2code for this!

Contribution Workflow

Mathias Schreiber, TYPO3 Product Owner, showed in his lecture "Contribution Workflow" the working methods of the core developers of TYPO3. Since the TYPO3 community attaches great importance to qualitative code, the code review tool Gerrit is used for this purpose. The core developers send their code changes to Gerrit. After the "6 eyes" have looked over the code and rated it as correct, the patch will be included in the TYPO3 core.

Mathias also showed the Forger tool, which gives you a nice overview of open work and some very informative diagrams. Mathias also stressed that the TYPO3 community is always on the lookout for new core developers. For this you don't necessarily have to know PHP. Frontend developers or project managers for the administration of task tickets are also wanted.

Slack offers the TYPO3 community a very good insight into the discussion of the TYPO3 core team. Anyone can register for a Slack account here.

TYPO3 7.x & Outlook until 2019 — Mathias Schreiber

Mathias Schreiber talked about some bug fixes in the core. The core team has really done a great job in the last months. The TYPO3 backend design was completely revised in the new version and some new features were added. Mathias again talked about the flexibility of Slack and how easy the TYPO3 community can organize itself. Starting with the final version 7 the PHP Standard PSR-2 will be used. Tabs in the code will be converted to spaces. The community had agreed on this very quickly - why shouldn't one simply adopt the standard?

This lecture was definitely very interesting and showed the community once again good reasons why we can rely on TYPO3 in the next years. A very good blog article from marit.ag, too.

gTLDs - 1 year after the hype?

What about the new gTLDs after the hype? Dietmar Leher's presentation showed that at the moment about 6.5 million gTLDs are registered. In contrast to the TLD ".com", where there are over 120 million registered domains. "5 of the 26 cities TLDs come from Germany", says Dietmar. 

However, there are also exceptions for gTLDs. "For example, ".bmw", ".axa" and ".mil" cannot be registered by private individuals.

In this lecture, Oliver Thiele, lecturer at Mittwald, showed us very well via live coding how to overwrite existing content elements in TYPO3 and how to output them using Fluidtemplate. As an example the content element text with images, short "textpic", was reworked. With this method it is not necessary to use PHP, just TypoScript and Fluid. It was very nice for us to see that Oliver Thiele and many others from the TYPO3 community use our TypoScript plugin for PhpStorm.

Use fluid templates

Oliver Thiele showed in this lecture the introduction with fluid templates and demonstrated in another live coding example the development of a template extension for TYPO3. Here he developed a base template that defines some TypoScript configurations and another template extension with which the design is built. He also showed what you have to consider when overwriting templates. Oliver Thiele makes his code of the extension available for download on Github.

Next year the TYPO3Camp will take place in Munich from 9th - 11th September 2016. We would like to thank Sabine Mayr, Sebastian Böttger, Peter Kraume and Patrick Lobacher for their efforts and look forward to next year :-)


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    Stefan Galinski

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    Ein wirklich geniales TYPO3Camp! Freue mich schon sehr auf kommendes Jahr. :-) Ein wirklich geniales TYPO3Camp! Freue mich schon sehr auf kommendes Jahr. :-)

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