TYPO3Camp Munich 2014

TYPO3Camp Munich 2014

Stefan Galinski 09. September 2014 Conferences

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For the seventh time in a row the annual TYPO3Camp Munich took place from 5.09-07.09.2014, which was also sponsored by us. We were there with three people and took many inspirations with us, which we don't want to withhold from you.

First of all the information that the date for 2015 is already set and that you should register now, if you don't want to miss one of the best TYPO3Camps. From 11.09-13.09.2015 it's time again.

As usual, it all started with a warm-up party on the eve of the camp opening. As in the previous year this took place in the Magali - a small but nice bar. For each participant there were two drink vouchers, which were not enough for the very long evening. ;-)

The first day of the event started as usual with the session planning, where I spontaneously signed up for a presentation about our new tinyMCE integration as TYPO3 backend RTE. The presentation met with a lot of interest and was well received. We would be very happy to receive feedback on this new extension, as well as on our other Open Source releases.

Of course there were many more talks of which I would like to introduce at least the ones I personally visited. First of all I would like to mention the very good keynote about Scrum, Agile development and motivation. There were no slides, but at least a book recommendation. You can find it in the Etherpad to the TYPO3Camp Munich, which also has a lot of further information about the other talks. I would like to see this in the future for all camps in general, as it is very helpful for the participants as well as for those who stayed at home.

I continued with the excellent lecture on "Scrum and bag soups" by Patrick Lobacher. Patrick described the principles of learning, understanding and changing in an amusing way and then explained them in relation to Scrum. You can find the slides on Slideshare.

Afterwards there was lunch, which - typically Bavarian - offered Leberkas in different variations. This was followed by a lecture on the TYPO3 themes by Jo Hasenau. Unfortunately I didn't take much of it with me as I was busy preparing my own presentation at that time. However, the basic principle and the demonstration of the currently available bootstrap pack seemed to be very interesting. You can find the sources for TYPO3 themes on Github. At this point I would like to refer you to the upcomingT3UXW where - according to my last state - there are still free places available.

For me it was at this time with further sessions past, since I had to hold my own lecture. You can find more information in the already mentioned Etherpad.

Afterwards it went on with the extremely tasty dinner, followed by the Social Event, which took place this year locally. After many interesting conversations and drinks, we plunged into Munich's nightlife. For me this day was over at three o'clock, not to be late the next day.

Day 2 - Day of the Challenge Cup, graduation

The following day started again with the session planning, where "surprisingly" not all of the speakers were present. Nevertheless, there were enough sessions, including the best of the event in my opinion.  

But first I went to the Neos Talk for advanced users and experts, where Christian Müller explained very interesting knowledge about the structure of Neos on TypoScript page. Since this was a freehand session and nobody wrote in the Etherpad, I can only recommend to visit one of the next camps myself.

Now it was time for the presentation of the challenge cup winner Hans Höchtl about efficient working with PhpStorm. Based on guides on Sidepoint, he presented several tips and tricks about the preferred IDE in the TYPO3 world. Also the attendees mentioned many more tips and tricks, some of which can also be found in the Etherpad. Regarding this topic I would like to mention our TypoScript plugin for PhpStorm again.

The last session of the event was for me "Grunt.js" where Martin Huber from in2code presented how to perform automated checks like jshint and HTML validation as well as general tasks based on grunt when changing files like merging scripts.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers and helping hands of the event again for making this very successful camp possible.


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