TYPO3camp Stuttgart 2014

TYPO3camp Stuttgart 2014

Fabian Galinski 26. May 2014 Conferences

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From 23 - 25 May 2014 the 4th TYPO3camp Stuttgart took place. We were guests there as participants as well as sponsors for catering and giveaways. A highlight was that all participants got a Nerf-Gun, which led to fun breaks between the sessions. In addition, there was an extremely tasty and varied catering such as suckling pig and various snacks from the company Esskultur.

Already on Saturday after breakfast and the session planning Stefan and I held a session about our new TypoScript plugin. In this session the installation was explained, as well as demonstrated which and what the current functions are. We also collected ideas and talked about the future of the plugin. We hope that we could successfully convey our knowledge to the visitors and that they will now enjoy using our plugin.

Beside our lecture there were a lot more, unfortunately it was not always easy for us to decide for one, because always up to five were held at the same time. There was a great variety of topics such as updating from TYPO3 4.5 to 6.2, explaining a responsive workflow or using Flux for Fluid. Not only technical topics were presented, but also how to create a requirement specification, what you have to consider to become independent or how to recognize phishing mails. This was only a small insight, because there were countless others.

To each Camp belongs of course a Warm-Up Party, as well as the official Community celebration. These both took place in and on the grounds of the castle: Universität Hohenheim. During the events there was a nerf gun target shooting and a table football tournament, where there was a barbecue to win. There was also a draw where there was a Nintendo Wii Mini.

All in all, it was a very educational, fun and varied camp, and we're really looking forward to next year. Finally, we want to thank the Orga team, the sponsors and all participants who took part in this camp, because without them nothing would be possible!

If you are interested in a TYPO3camp, you can take part in one of the next camps. The next camps in Germany are in Berlin, Bremen, Munich. There is also a very good one on Mallorca where you can buy tickets since yesterday. Take it as long as there are still cheap hotel rooms to book. :)


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