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After implementing the yoga portal for AshtangaYoga in German-speaking countries,, we also integrated an Online shop solution for the client. This solution establishes the connection between the TYPO3CMS and the Enterprise E-Commerce Content-Management-System (CMS) Shopware.

The articles and orders are managed via the Shopware backend, which is visible to the responsible employees, while TYPO3 is mainly responsible for the presentation. This structure enables a more customer-friendly experience and at the same time increases the portfolio of

About AYInnovation® und AYInstitute® Ulm

Yoga is over 3,000 years old. The paths of practice that have developed since then could not be more different. The common search for the true essence unites them. AYInnovation® honours the ancient roots and at the same time reminds of the natural vitality of a tradition. The principle behind it links old and new by bringing together the traditional practice system of Ashtanga Yoga and the latest scientific findings, especially from the fields of medicine, kinetics and psychology.

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