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TYPO3 Solr

AshtangaYoga.info is the yoga portal for AshtangaYoga in the German-speaking area, but still well visited from other countries of the world thanks to the numerous languages and the open system to help with the translation of the site.

We have been supporting the client for many years with our know-how and agency services. The portal is currently based on TYPO3 8.7 and is available in almost 10 languages. Apache Solr is used as the search solution. An extensive management backend for the school and other teachers as well as a system for editing content directly on the website round off the portal in the background.

About AYInnovation® und AYInstitute® Ulm

Yoga is over 3,000 years old. The paths of practice that have developed since then could not be more different. The common search for the true essence unites them. AYInnovation® honours the ancient roots and at the same time reminds of the natural vitality of a tradition. The principle behind it links old and new by bringing together the traditional practice system of Ashtanga Yoga and the latest scientific findings, especially from the fields of medicine, kinetics and psychology.

Source: Ashtanga Yoga


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