The new online presence of the ENNI Group was realized with TYPO3. In cooperation with trurnit GmbH we implemented a comprehensive web presence. The company site has a triple navigation, which consists of the actual website of the group and one page each for private customers and for business customers. Many ordering processes for tariffs, electricity, water or gas are connected to SAP via an interface. ENNI customers can take advantage of numerous services online: Courses and children's birthday celebrations can be easily registered and booked on the site. Even waste containers can be ordered and much more. For a powerful search on the website we have integrated Solr. There is also a regular import of user data from third-party systems.

In addition to the main page, ENNI's entire online presence includes a citizens' information portal, a committee information portal and an online committee information system of ENNI Energy & Environment.

About ENNI

The ENNI Group is an environmentally conscious, nationwide operating energy supplier and infrastructure service provider for Moers and the region. It offers a wide range of products and services, contributes strongly to regional value creation and orients its activities towards long-term benefits for the people – from projects for CO2 reduction to a varied cultural programme. With around 600 employees, ENNI generates sales of over 260 million euros and a profit of around 20 million euros. 

Source: ENNI


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