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In cooperation with trurnit GmbH we implemented the relaunch of the EEA sales and company website. EWR is an energy supplier operating in Rheinhessen for more than 100 years. In addition to the cross-domain search using Apache Solr and Nutch, the PLZ companion is the heart of the sales page. This enables the user to display content specially adapted to his region by entering his postal code. Technically, the project is based on version 4 of our website base, which uses TYPO3 7 and Bootstrap.

The company site shines with a magazine layout and seamless, flexible teaser boxes as well as a simple yet flexible comment and news system. The site was implemented in a multidomain setup with the sales website and thus offers all the advantages of the sales website. Thanks to our website basis, the implementation was implemented in a very short time for both sides.

About EWR Aktiengesellschaft

EWR Aktiengesellschaft has existed since 1911. Following the merger with Stadtwerke Worms in 2002, the former electricity supplier became an interconnected company for electricity, gas and water.  

As part of the unbundling process under company law, the supply grids with personnel were spun off to EWR Netz GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary, in 2007.

With EWR AG and EWR Netz GmbH, the company assumes the roles assigned to it in the liberalized energy market: on the one hand as a trader - buyer and seller - of energy, and on the other hand as a grid operator.

Source: EWR company website


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