We created a website and a management system for Jobblitz that allows job ads to be easily imported and managed from an application interface. In addition, a tracking was implemented, which can be used to generate diagrams or charts on relevant data. The management tool is based on Symfony, Doctrine and EasyAdminBundle. Due to the standard PHP framework Symfony, the tool can be easily extended in the future by desired or needed new functionalities, as the project is continuously developed by us.

In addition to the Jobblitz site, we also realized the Quereinsteiger tool including the complete design, which allows potential job applicants to take a personality test based on the 'Big Five' and subsequently receive an evaluation of their personality as well as suitable job offers.

About Jobblitz

Jobblitz - that's a highly motivated and dedicated team of high-end developers, online marketing experts and top recruiters. After only eleven months of development, Jobblitz was made into what it is today: a first stop in the search for perfectly matching candidates for unfilled jobs.

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