Katholischer Deutscher Frauenbund München

React Native Mobile App

The Katholische Deutsche Frauenbund München (KDFB) is a socio-politically committed, independent educational association that works in the Christian spirit and in the consciousness of its Catholic tradition.

We have developed an app for smartphones and tablets that gives end users an overview of the impulses created by the KDFB in a TYPO3 system, both in list format and in a Google Maps map view via a REST API. End users also have the option of creating their own intercessions and thank you texts, which are stored on the server. KDFB employees can manage the user-generated content in the associated TYPO3 system.

The implementation of the app using Facebooks React Native technology ensures native performance and usability on Android and iOS devices.

About Katholischen Deutschen Frauenbund München

In the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising more than 16,000 women have joined together in the Diocesan Association of the Catholic German Women's Federation. In 132 branch associations, from Berchtesgaden to Moosburg, from Dachau to Trostberg, in cities such as Munich, Traunstein, Dachau and many others, they help shape parish and social life as committed Christian women.

In Germany, 200,000 women are involved in the KDFB (Bundesverband), around 180,000 of them in Bavaria (Bayerischer Landesverband). This large community advocates a living witness to Christian life in an increasingly secular world.

Source: Katholischer Deutscher Frauenbund München


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