React Native Mobile App

We have developed a fitness app for smartphones and tablets for Medion AG in Essen, Germany, which sees itself as a companion to the smart sports equipment of the technology company. Thanks to the technology in the smartphone or tablet as well as the sports wristband (including GPS, pedometer and heart rate monitor) - together with our app - all important movement values can be monitored. With a cloud synchronization system designed by us, the data can be synchronized across all devices and is retained even if the device is lost. A community feature allows users to network with each other and compare their sporting achievements.

The app has a modular structure and enables the creation of White Label Apps through a Theming system. Since we implemented this app using Facebook's React Native technology, it has native performance and usability on Android and iOS devices.

Since 2019 the cooperation with Medion AG has ended.


MEDION AG stands for products such as notebooks, tablets, consumer electronics, smart homes and household products, services such as mobile phone contracts, music streaming and much more. As part of the Lenovo Group, they offer products in various segments and have millions of satisfied customers worldwide.



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