Together with the company Plan.Net, we created an interface for content between TYPO3 and the Adobe Experience Manager. The aim was to simplify content maintenance for MINI dealers, as it is not accessible enough on the AEM site.

In order to achieve this goal, we have created a new administration module in the TYPO3 backend that allows editors to easily manage the content of MINI dealer pages. During the content editing process, a release procedure is used so that no changes are released without review. In the background, a file is generated that contains the entire content of a location. This file is then output in the AEM using a specially developed component in the frontend.

About MINI

Mini (notation: MINI) is a new edition of the British small car Mini, created in early 2001 under the auspices of BMW. The exterior and also the interior were based on the classic model, but the size corresponds to today's small car. Mini is both the name for the individual models, the name of the main model and a company of the BMW Group. The main model has been offered in the third generation since 2014.

Source: Wikipedia


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