PIA Automation Holding GmbH


In collaboration with Seitenwind GmbH, we have implemented the new corporate website of PIA Automation Holding. In addition to a full-screen header video, which already puts the visitor in an explorative mood on the homepage, the site shines with a modern tile-based design. Thanks to the use of the latest version of our website base, these elements can be combined and arranged as desired, giving editors a great deal of creative freedom. The site is currently available in 3 languages, including Chinese.

In order to cope with the large number of applications that PIA Automation GmbH receives, our specially developed job extension sg_jobs is used. Visitors can conveniently apply for various advertised jobs via an online form and leave it to the system to deliver the job application to the right location.

About PIA Automation Holding GmbH

PIA Automation Holding GmbH belongs to the Joyson group of companies. 

The entrepreneurial goal is to forge a global automation specialist with PIA Automation and to advance into the top 3 providers of automation solutions.

Great growth potential is being identified worldwide in the wake of digitization and the revolutionization of entire industries such as mobility - including China. In its 12th Five-Year Plan, the Chinese government has formulated the goal of developing and expanding high-end production equipment.

Source: PIA Automation company website


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