WIBU-SYSTEMS AG is an international provider of security software to protect against software and data piracy.

The website was implemented in cooperation with elementaren Teilchen GmbH. We took over a larger technical part and took care of the integration of the system into a CDN, extended the multilingualism in the form of possibilities for handling fallbacks and visibility, enabled the translation of language files, integrated a complex Apache Solr integration and developed a comprehensive download module with management functions.


WIBU-SYSTEMS AG (WIBU®), founded and owned by Oliver Winzenried and Marcellus Buchheit in 1989, is a technology leader in the protection and licensing of software and documents.

The broad and award-winning range of patented solutions is unique. It offers copy and know-how protection, licensing and security, i.e. manipulation protection. The scalable solutions use software-based activation or highly secure protection hardware. They depict any license model and are used for embedded and control systems, PCs, mobile solutions, SaaS, virtual environments right into the cloud.

The Wibu Systems motto "Perfection in Protection, Licensing and Security" stands for Security Made-in-Germany for product and know-how protection, protection against espionage and reverse engineering, exible licensing and integration into business processes as well as protection against manipulation and sabotage, cyber attacks on devices or intelligent factories.



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