Fluid Plugin 2.0.0

Fluid Plugin 2.0.0

Fabian Galinski 19. September 2018 Releases

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Today we released version 2.0.0 of our Fluid plugin. This update brings some great new features and improves the stability a lot. The most important features are described below. Thanks to all of you who are reporting bugs in our Gitlab issue tracker!

Rearrangement of the Fluid Plugins

To improve the user experience for new and regulars we uploaded the commercial Fluid plugin to the Jetbrains Plugin Repository. So in the future all users can update the plugin directly in the PhpStorm and getting informed if an update was released. So you will never have outdated plugins anymore, if you've a valid license of this plugin, but even if you don't have a license key, you can test some features with the integrated demo version. Once you bought a key, you can use all versions of this plugin, until your chosen subscription period ends. So you don't need to buy a new license key every year. Just if you want the newest features and improvements.

Support for Assigned Variables from the Extbase Action

Thanks to some internal code structure changes it's possible to show the assigned arguments within a Extbase action in the auto completion. The name and the type is shown, but the type for objects is a bit messy but useful, but I will explain it in the following example: "comment => SGalinski/SgComments/Domain/Model/Comment.getAnswers.count" Here we know that the variable comment is the result of the function count, which was used on the return value of getAnswers of the object Comment.

We also integrated the "GoToDeclaration" functionality, which directly jumps to the assign statement of the variable and if the variable dosen't exists, the action itself will be the anchor.

Known issues:

  • It's not working for Fluid templates, which aren't in the default Extbase structure. "###ExtensionName###/Resources/Private/Templates/XYZ.html" and "###ExtensionName###/Classes/Controller/XYZ.php"
  • The auto completion will not show values of arrays, because we don't have a PHP interpreter here.

IDE Support for View Helpers and Variables Outside of HTML Tags

After a long time of researching and testing it's finally possible to support view helpers and variables outside of HTML tags!

This will optimize the workflow a lot, which will save a lot of time and effort, but unfortunately a wrapping HTML tag is needed, because of technical limitations. This shouldn't be a big problem for 90% of all cases.

Smaller Features

Last but not least the new smaller features. In this release we added 3 new warnings and improved the other ones a little bit to increasing the overall performance.

  • Warning: If not all required attributes of a view helper are used. The missing ones are written inside of the message.
  • Warning: If a variable is used as an parameter for the arguments "as", "key" and "iteration" of the "f:for" view helper.
  • Warning and fix: If a HTML comment is used instead of a Fluid comment and if a Fluid comment dosen't contains a HTML comment. These could be suppressed.

We also integrated the new Fluid syntax and improved the old one to the newest standard, added the support of the "Neos Adaptor" extension and fixed a lot of bugs.


  • [FEATURE] IDE-Support of view helpers outside of HTML tag attributes. At least one wrapping tag is required.
  • [FEATURE] The assigned parameters of the action from a Template are now usable. You can also jump to the source and the type will be resolved in the auto completion process.
  • [FEATURE] The auto completion adds the required attributes from a view helper automatically on usage.
  • [FEATURE] Support of the new Fluid standalone syntax.
  • [FEATURE] Support of the Neos Adaptor namespace.
  • [FEATURE] New warning, if not all required arguments from a view helper are used.
  • [FEATURE] New warning and fix, if a normal HTML comment is used and no Fluid comment within Fluid files.
  • [FEATURE] New warning, if a variable is used in some arguments of view helpers. Like the "as" attribute from the "f:for" view helper
  • [TASK] Improvement of the gathering of all attributes of a view helper with respecting the override logic.
  • [TASK] Improvement of the license dialog for more usability and easier updating.
  • [TASK] Improvement of the MAC user experience for older versions.
  • [TASK] Better messages and dialogs.
  • [BUGFIX] The code documentation isn't working anymore, if a syntax error exists.
  • [BUGFIX] Sometimes the detection of Fluid wasn't successful.
  • [BUGFIX] Wrong syntax error messages were appearing in some locations.
  • [BUGFIX] The escaped single quote logic is broken, if a Fluid array is initalized without an wrapping quote.
  • [BUGFIX] Some view helper arguments aren't marked as required, but they should.
  • [BUGFIX] Resolvement of some exceptions, which occur during the indexing and while the auto completion.
  • [BUGFIX] Sometimes an exception is thrown, if two or more projects do indexing at the same time.
  • [BUGFIX] Fluid could be choosen as the general IDE template data language.


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