Fluid Plugin 2.3.0

Fluid Plugin 2.3.0

Fabian Galinski 30. October 2020 Releases

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Today we have released version 2.2.0 of our Fluid Plugin. This update improves the stability and provides some new features. Many thanks to all who report bugs in our Gitlab issue tracker!


  • [FEATURE] Auto completion for layouts and partials.
  • [FEATURE] Jumping to partials, layouts and sections by clicking on it with (Ctrl + Left Click)
  • [FEATURE] Improvement of the value selections on double click.
  • [FEATURE] Adds a new project setting, to specify which are the global Fluid ViewHelpers. TYPO3 Reference.
  • [FEATURE] Also adds the possibility with the new setting, to disable some namespaces. So there aren't any complications with using XSD files simultaneous.
  • [FEATURE] Adds a new annotation, if a string has a leading quote, but not a tailing one.
  • [TASK] Change of some meta information like the vendor and plugin name.
  • [TASK] Resolving of some code deprecations and warnings.
  • [BUGFIX] Some viewhelpers aren't be found in TYPO3.
  • [BUGFIX] Missing Fluid syntax combination i.e.: {variable | f:format.raw()}.

Project setting for the global Fluid ViewHelper

As you can see on this picture, there is now the possibility to specify the global ViewHelper itself. This is advantageous if you use the following TYPO3 function, in which you can specify your own global namespaces.

In the following example VHS is always provided for all extensions and you don't have to declare the namespace anymore. The plugin then automatically offers all functions, which among other things also the "f:XXX" ViewHelper have.

Code example:

// In TYPO3

$GLOBALS['SYS']['fluid']['namespaces']['vhs'] = [

// In the IDE settings



TYPO3 Versions7.6.X | 8.7.X | 9.5.X | 10.4.X
IDE Versions
from 2018.1
to min. 2020.1

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate


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