The Website-Base facilitates the creation and editing of web pages immensely. It provides all the building blocks you need to create a good looking website. All these elements seamlessly adapt to the user's screen size. Thus your website will be optimally displayed on every device.

Intuitive Handling

Thanks to the modular construction system of the Website-Base, each page is created with freely combinable building blocks in no time at all. For example, a multi-column area with a colored background can be assembled with just a few clicks.

The frontend structure of the website is also represented in the backend by these building blocks, which makes editing a page very easy:

The Available Building Blocks

Take a look at the full variety of available building blocks on our demo page. There you will also find more information about and demonstrations of the features of the Website-Base.


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You want to know more?

All information about the available editions and their numerous other features can be found on the Website-Base product page.