Cookie Opt-In - Release of the Version 3.2.0

Cookie Opt-In - Release of the Version 3.2.0

Fabian Galinski 24. September 2020 Releases

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Cookie Optin / Consent for TYPO3

Today we have released version 3.2.0 of our Cookie Opt-In. This update adds a lot of new features, improves existing functions and solves many bugs. :)

Many thanks to everyone who reports bugs and suggestions for improvement in our Gitlab Issue Tracker !

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New features:

  • The JSON with the settings is now always minified for rendering in the frontend. The non-minified version is still accessible for better debugging on the file system.
  • You can now hide the “Powered by” text in the consent settings box.
  • You now have much better control over the external content protection!
    • You can now easily directly specify which elements must be protected and which not. You can do that either from the TYPO 3 Backend or via HTML classes and attributes!
    • We have also added a configurable whitelist for external elements where you can specify trusted sources whose content should always be loaded like RECAPTCHA for example. You must, however, still state them in your Privacy policy page.
    • Added JavaScript events to the external content element that allow you to hook callbacks when an element has been replaced or accepted. This gives you full control over how the page should react to these events and helps you make it look better.
  • Added a JavaScript API to let you programmatically influence the behavior of your rich page to remain GDPR-compliant in any case or event.
    • You can now open the GDPR box at any time.
    • You can now hook event callbacks to specific elements when they have been replaced by the external content protection.
    • You can extend and override the default functionality to better suit your needs according to your own use case.
  • If you are in a subdomain, you can now set the cookie for the whole domain (not always GDPR-compliant).


  • When you grant consent to an external element, it is now being replaced back properly into its original place inside a container.
  • Improved the language support for page trees that excluded languages that were supported by the system.
  • Removed the cHash parameters from the footer links of the consent settings box.
  • Fixed an error that occurred in certain TYPO 3 versions due to problems with the AbstractViewHelper.
  • Improved the recognition of external content added later via JavaScript to childNodes.


TYPO3 Versions 6.2.X | 7.6.X | 8.7.X | 9.5.X | 10.4.X
PHP Versions 5.5.X | 7.0.X | 7.1.X | 7.2.X | 7.3.X | 7.4.X
Tested Browsers Internet Explorer 11 and Evergreen Browsers


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