Release of our TypoScript plugin

Release of our TypoScript plugin

Fabian Galinski 15. May 2014 Releases

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A few months ago we started the open source development of a TypoScript plugin for JetBrains PhpStorm development environment. This plugin is initially released today!

TypoScript is the configuration language of the TYPO3 CMS. We started this project to simplify the creation of configurations for this CMS and to make it easier to get started with TypoScript. We hope that with this plugin we will achieve our goal and that it will appeal to our users.

Of course we will continue to deliver new functions and bugfixes and plan to implement the same functionality for TYPO3 Neos in the future and to further improve the current state of TYPO3 CMS. To follow the development and to stay up to date, you can have a look at the public Gitlab Repository of the project. There you can also submit patches and issues after you have logged into the system.

The download of the plugin can be found on our new Open Source page, which was created in connection with the release. Here you can find a list of all our currently active Open Source projects with their download links and a short description. We appreciate any feedback and hope that you will find one or the other project in the list.

If you are interested in supporting the development of our open source projects, please feel free to contact us via our contact form.


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