2024-01-26 – TypoScript Plugin 2.8.0

  • [TASK] Restore compatibility TYPO3 12.
  • [TASK] Implementation of an extension indexer, instead of a path mapping.
  • [TASK] Implementation of a tsref.xml indexer.
  • [TASK] Improvement of the license dialog, so the startup won't be blocked.
  • [TASK] Restore compatibility for the newest IDE versions.
  • [TASK] Raise the minimum IDE build number support to 222.
  • [TASK] Solving of deprecations.
  • [BUGFIX] Some functions didn't work anymore with newer IDE version and TYPO3 11 / 12.


TYPO3 Versions7.6.X | 8.7.X | 9.5.X | 10.4.X | 11.5.X | 12.4.X
IDE Versions
from 2022.2

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate
IntelliJ IDEA Community
IntelliJ IDEA Educational

2023-05-10 – TypoScript Plugin 2.7.0

  • [FEATURE] Adds an auto-completion and the GoTo behaviour for condition expression functions like "getTSFE()", "compatVersion()", "session()", ...
  • [FEATURE] Adds an auto-completion for condition separators like "in", "not", "matches", ...
  • [FEATURE] Support of new TypoScript Syntax like "[getTSFE()?.id == 13]".
  • [TASK] Supports symlinks for the GoTo- and Auto-Completion-Functions.
  • [TASK] Raise the minimum IDE build number support to 213.0
  • [TASK] Fix of several deprecations and possible NullPointerExceptions.
  • [BUGFIX] Slashes aren't allowed in a TypoScript Key. Example: "templates.typo3/cms-linkvalidator {"

2022-04-13 – TypoScript Plugin 2.6.0

  • [TASK] Raise the minimum IDE build number support to 204.0
  • [TASK] Update to the newest tsref.xml
  • [TASK] Allows the @import statement inside a code block
  • [TASK] Fix of several deprecations and possible NullPointerExceptions.
  • [BUGFIX] The autocompletion of EXT: isn't working sometimes, if there is more than one folder with the name typo3conf.
  • [BUGFIX] The property documentation isn't working in some cases.
  • [BUGFIX] Commas aren't allowed, inside a symfony condition array.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixes a possible AlreadyDisposedException for the autocompletion.
  • [BUGFIX] Function aren't allowed within condition values.

2021-07-23 – TypoScript Plugin 2.5.0

  • [FEATURE] Support of Parenthesis within the TypoScript conditions like "[condition1 && (condition2 || condition3)]".
  • [FEATURE] Improvement of the code formatting.
  • [TASK] Provide the compatibility to the newest IDE versions.
  • [BUGFIX] Syntax Error: Logical operator "not" or "!" isn't working correctly.
  • [BUGFIX] Syntax Error: Empty parts / two consecutive dots in TypoScript object paths.


2021-01-15 – TypoScript Plugin 2.4.0

  • [FEATURE] Support of constants as keywords and for Symfony conditions.
  • [TASK] Adds the word "TYPO3" to the plugin name.
  • [BUGFIX] Some syntax errors are displayed at the end of the file, instead of the correct position.

2020-07-07 – TypoScript Plugin 2.3.0

  • [FEATURE] GoTo für PHP-Klassen: Diese Funktion ermöglicht es direkt in PHP-Klassen zu springen, mithilfe der Tastenkombination STRG + Linksklick, wenn der Pfad angegeben ist. Dieser muss entweder als Key hinterlegt sein, oder als Value. Ein Beispiel ist im nachfolgenden Code ersichtlich.
  • [FEATURE] Integration der Symfony-Expression-Syntax für Conditons: Die aktuellen Funktionen sind, eine automatische Fehlererkennung von invalider Verwendung dieser Syntax und eine optimierte Optik durch die Verbesserung der verwendeten Farben für eine schnellere Übersicht.

2020-06-25 – TypoScript Plugin 2.2.0

  • [FEATURE] Support of the latest IDE versions.
  • [TASK] Improvement of the license check (Better compatibility, less requests, detailed error messages).
  • [TASK] Provide a small compatibility, if the old plugin and the new one is installed at the same time.
  • [BUGFIX] The String detection wasn't working like expected.
  • [BUGFIX] It wasn't possible to use some characters inside the keywords.
  • [BUGFIX] Proper integration of the condition dividers like: && ||.
  • [BUGFIX] Constants inside of conditions weren't possible.
  • [BUGFIX] Fix of several smaller syntax errors.

2019-04-30 – TypoScript Plugin 2.1.0

  • [TASK] Raise the minimum IDE version to 181.
  • [TASK] Resolves all deprecations and refactoring of old code.
  • [BUGFIX] The file logic wasn't working correctly, if the extension isn't in an extension folder.
  • [BUGFIX] Some links are 404 pages.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixes some NullPointerExceptions.

2018-10-12 – TypoScript Plugin 2.0.0

  • [FEATURE] It's possible to jump directly to the PHP class, if a valid namespace is used, also working for user functions.
  • [FEATURE] Allows the usage of relative file paths in the TypoScript Include syntax.
  • [FEATURE] Improvement of the auto completion of the TypoScript Include syntax.
  • [FEATURE] Adds the new TYPO3 9 syntax, like @import and the Symfony Expression Syntax.
  • [FEATURE] Improvement of the overall performance.
  • [TASK] Update of the tsref.xml.
  • [TASK] Improvement of the license dialog for more usability and easier updating.
  • [TASK] Improvement of the MAC user experience for older versions.
  • [TASK] Better messages and dialogs.
  • [BUGFIX] The auto documentation wasn't working in some cases.
  • [BUGFIX] Resolvement of some exceptions, which occur during the indexing and while the auto completion.
  • [BUGFIX] Sometimes an exception is thrown, if two or more projects do indexing at the same time.

2017-10-05 – TypoScript Plugin 1.9.0

  • [FEATURE] Introduction of ".typoscript" as a new TypoScript file extension.
  • [FEATURE] Adds more files, which are recognized as TypoScript. (constants.ts, setup.ts, constants.typoscript, setup.typoscript)
  • [FEATURE] Improvement of the RAM and CPU usage for some cases.
  • [FEATURE] Basic support for the new custom conditions.
  • [FEATURE] Adds a quickfix for the old comment type with just one slash.
  • [BUGFIX] Incorrectly mentioned error while referencing with the shorthand syntax. Finally fixed after 2 years, Hooray! :)
  • [BUGFIX] The include TypoScript line shows an error, if the "EXT:" isn't prefixed with a "FILE:" or "DIR:".
  • [BUGFIX] The comma is shown as a bug within the TypoScript functions like "replaceString(,|)".
  • [BUGFIX] Some exceptions were shown in the latest IDE versions.

2016-09-19 – TypoScript Plugin 1.8.0

Neos Fusion

  • [FEATURE] Adding more file extensions. (.fusion .nf)
  • [FEATURE] Update of the parser, so we have a better performance.


  • [FEATURE] Adds an auto completion for the new conditions in the INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT lines.
  • [FEATURE] Update of the parser, so we have a better performance.
  • [FEATURE] Creation of a new notification with license dialog.
  • [TASK] Now the notification will appear after 100 starts.
  • [BUGFIX] The auto formatting adds a space after an equals in conditions.

2016-06-29 – TypoScript Plugin 1.7.0

Neos TypoScript

  • [BUGFIX] A dot (".") in prototype object name breaks formating of whole file

TYPO3 TypoScript

  • [FEATURE][Enterprise] AutoCompletion for ext path values.
  • [FEATURE][Enterprise] Goto declaration for ext path values.
  • [FEATURE] Update the tsref.xml to "TYPO3 7.6".
  • [TASK] Improved the notification dialog
  • [TASK] Switch to Java 8
  • [BUGFIX] Autocompletion of the ext paths in the include TypoScript lines don't work, if there's no space within "FILE:" / "DIR:" and "EXT:".
  • [BUGFIX] Valid syntax is marked as an error in the conditions.
  • [BUGFIX] A colon within a keyword is marked as an error.
  • [BUGFIX] The Project settings dialog is not shown anymore
  • [BUGFIX] Worker exited due to java.util.ConcurrentModificationException.
  • [BUGFIX] Exception - StackOverflow
  • [BUGFIX] NullPointer Exception and other error in IntelliJ IDEA 15.0.3

2015-10-28 – TypoScript Plugin 1.6.0

  • [FEATURE] Massive improvements of the description of each element. (Ctrl+Q on Windows/Unix, Ctrl-J on Mac) ;)
  • [FEATURE] A possibility to choose the source for the auto completion and documentation within the IDE settings
  • [FEATURE] External libraries are considered now, so they are available as variables
  • [FEATURE] Inline documentation for variables without a type. It's mostly like the PHP-doc syntax. An example is in the plugin description
  • [FEATURE] Strong performance boost for the auto completion and documentation
  • [FEATURE] Implementation of the goto deceleration for include TypoScript lines
  • [FEATURE] Some smaller improvements...
  • [BUGFIX] ...and bugfixes

2015-03-27 - TypoScript Plugin 1.5.0

2014-11-06 – TypoScript Plugin 1.4.0

2014-08-20 – TypoScript Plugin 1.3.0


  • [FEATURE] Implementation of a breadcrumb bar for the editor
  • [TASK] Change of the element type in the code autocompletion
  • [BUGFIX] The autocompletion does not work in some cases.
  • [BUGFIX] FLUIDTEMPLATE is missing in the tsref.xml.
  • [BUGFIX] An extra brace will be created if a block begins directly after a keyword.
  • [BUGFIX] Sometimes the code documentation is not shown.


  • [FEATURE] Neos support
  • [FEATURE] Syntax highlighter
  • [FEATURE] Syntax error detection
  • [FEATURE] Brace matcher
  • [FEATURE] Code formatter
  • [FEATURE] Folding builder
  • [FEATURE] Breadcrumb

2014-07-07 – TypoScript Plugin 1.2.0

  • [FEATURE] Adds a PsiElement to a leaf for the "jump to" in the structure tree
  • [FEATURE] Implementation of an asc sorter and desc sorter for the structure tree
  • [FEATURE] Implementation of a spellchecker for comments
  • [FEATURE] Adds the possibility to change the default typoscript extension
  • [BUGFIX] The multi line values are not visible in the structure tree

2014-05-20 – TypoScript Plugin 1.1.0

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