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From the agency's everyday life, some products have been created over time to help us do our work more efficiently and pleasantly. We would like to introduce some of them to you on the following pages. Maybe there is a helper among them that could optimize your own workflow! - Feel free to visit our online store and purchase one or more of our tools!

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sgalinski Cookie OptIn for TYPO3

This extension provides you with a practical solution for implementing a GDPR-compliant cookie banner in no time at all. Tracking scripts can now also be integrated very easily so that they are only loaded if the user agrees per opt-in. All settings for this are defined in a straightforward backend module. Thanks to adaptable styling, the extension can also be seamlessly integrated into your frontend.

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Embed YouTube & Vimeo videos in TYPO3

Our TYPO3 Video Extensions make it possible to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo easily and quickly in TYPO3 pages, whether entire channels, playlists, showcases or individual videos. You determine the type of display: Lighbox or directly in the page, number and layout, personal thumbnails – Through numerous options and intuitive operation, you can easily build media libraries and liven up your TYPO3 content with videos, without having to upload them specifically for this in the file list.

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SEO Redirects and Page Not Found Handling for TYPO3

With this TYPO3 extension you can use the included backend module to quickly and easily create URL redirects and manage the behavior of your website when pages are not found. The generated forwarding rules can then be exported to a .htaccess file.

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The Fluid plugin for IntelliJ IDEs

The template language "Fluid" has become indispensable in the TYPO3 environment. With this plugin the missing IDE support is retrofitted. The Fluid-Plugin provides functions like auto-completion, error detection, syntax highlighting and much more for PhpStorm, WebStorm and other IntelliJ IDEs from Jetbrains.

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The TypoScript plugin for IntelliJ IDEs

TypoScript is the configuration language for the OpenSource CMS TYPO3. With this plugin, all basic IDE functions known from other languages are retrofitted. Among other things, the plugin allows syntax highlighting, error detection, quick documentation and much more.

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SGC Command Line Task Runner

The SGC Command Line Task Runner is the perfect tool to take care of the most common tasks in daily Web Development. It already comes with a complete Build Process, including compilation of Sass to CSS, transpiling ES6 code to ES5 compatible JavaScript, image optimization and a lot more. Furthermore, the tool can be easily extend with your own tasks.

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Other products

Besides the above mentioned software, we also offer other and partly open source software. Among others, there are numerous extensions for the TYPO3 CMS, but also plugins for PhpStorm and Gitlab. Have a look! - Maybe you will discover one or the other functionality you have been looking for a long time.

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What is a TYPO3 extension?

A TYPO3 extension is an extension of the TYPO3 base, which contains functions that are not available in the normal TYPO3 core. An extension can fulfill completely new tasks or supplement existing functions with additional features. Extensions can be installed via the Extension Manager.

A TYPO3 extension can take over functionalities in the core, the backend and/or the frontend. After integrating an extension, an additional TYPO3 module (https://www.sgalinski.de/en/typo3-agency/typo3-documentation-website-base/backend-modules/) can often be found in the backend. Sometimes new content elements (https://www.sgalinski.de/en/typo3-agency/typo3-documentation-website-base/content-area-contents/) are added.

Like TYPO3, TYPO3 extensions are written with PHP. And also we have already programmed some TYPO3 extensions, which are still developed and maintained. Partly these are available as open source projects (https://www.sgalinski.de/en/open-source/).

What is the TYPO3 Fluid Template Engine?

A template engine is generally a software that processes templates and replaces placeholders contained therein with content. TYPO3 Fluid is a template engine for TYPO3 extensions based on Extbase.

What is TypoScript?

TypoScript is a configuration language for TYPO3 that controls the output of TYPO3 content in the frontend and backend.

With TypoScript different commands are strung together, which then fills the TYPO3 internal structure. The TypoScript code is stored in template records, which are stored in the database table under sys_template.


What is a redirect?

A redirect is an automatic forwarding of a URL to another URL. Someone who calls up a certain web address is thus usually redirected to another address without noticing it and without having any influence on it.

Redirects are used, for example, to avoid duplicate content or ensure that outdated pages can no longer be called up, but users are automatically taken to new content.

There are several types of redirects:

  • 301 Redirect: permanent redirection 
    • e.g. old URL to be permanently replaced by new URL
  • 302 Redirect: temporary forwarding
    • e.g. for promotions (discount, coupons or similar), where old URL is to be used again after the promotion.
  • 307 Redirect: temporary forwarding
    • e.g. for server maintenance

What is an IDE?

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. IDEs are software for the creation of applications, which contains a collection of important tools for application development and thus simplifies the development work.

What is a task runner?

A task runner is a program that automates processes that would have to be performed manually without its use. Tasks that have to be executed repeatedly can be automated in this way, e.g. a process that is to be executed whenever a file is changed. Automation speeds up processes, which makes it possible to work more efficiently.

Users themselves determine which tasks are to be performed by the task runner and which are not.


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