Our products around TYPO3 and the Web - Be efficient!

In the course of time some products were born out of the agency's everyday life, which help us to do our work more efficiently and pleasantly. We would like to introduce some of them to you on the following pages. Maybe there is one helper among them who could optimize your own workflow? - Visit our online shop and purchase one or more of our tools!

Products for every requirement

sgalinski Cookie OptIn for TYPO3

This extension provides you with a practical solution for implementing a GDPR-compliant cookie banner in no time at all. Tracking scripts can now also be integrated very easily so that they are only loaded if the user agrees per opt-in. All settings for this are defined in a straightforward backend module. Thanks to adaptable styling, the extension can also be seamlessly integrated into your frontend.

To sgalinski Cookie OptIn

SEO Redirects and Page Not Found Handling for TYPO3

With this TYPO3 extension you can use the included backend module to quickly and easily create URL redirects and manage the behavior of your website when pages are not found. The generated forwarding rules can then be exported to a .htaccess file.

The Fluid plugin for IntelliJ IDEs

The template language "Fluid" has become indispensable in the TYPO3 environment. With this plugin the missing IDE support is retrofitted. The Fluid-Plugin provides functions like auto-completion, error detection, syntax highlighting and much more for PhpStorm, WebStorm and other IntelliJ IDEs from Jetbrains.

The TypoScript plugin for IntelliJ IDEs

TypoScript is the configuration language for the OpenSource CMS TYPO3. With this plugin, all basic IDE functions known from other languages are retrofitted. Among other things, the plugin allows syntax highlighting, error detection, quick documentation and much more.

SGC Command Line Task Runner

The SGC Command Line Task Runner is the perfect tool to take care of the most common tasks in daily Web Development. It already comes with a complete Build Process, including compilation of Sass to CSS, transpiling ES6 code to ES5 compatible JavaScript, image optimization and a lot more. Furthermore, the tool can be easily extend with your own tasks.

Other products

In addition to the above mentioned software, we also offer other partly freely available software. Among others numerous extensions for the TYPO3 CMS, but also plugins for PhpStorm and Gitlab. Take a look inside. Maybe you'll discover one or the other functionality you've been wanting for a long time.

Further Information on Current Releases

You can read all information about the latest releases of our products in our blog.