Specialized mobile apps for iOS and Android

We design and develop an app for the mobile platforms Android and iOS - from smartphones to tablets. Thanks to Facebook's React Native technology, we can develop a cross-platform and remain cost-efficiently up-to-date on the major operating systems. For the app project we accompany you from the initial idea to the publication in the digital stores and beyond that with the continuous further development. We plan together taking into account current trends, established procedures and current market requirements.

From the idea to the App Stores

Analysis & Planning

Step by step, we work with you to develop a plan to define the timeframe, content and financial framework of the app project. We take a look at the mobile market and the space it contains for your ideas.

In workshops and comprehensive consultations you will receive an overview and recommendations based on your ideas.

Concept & Design

Based on market insights and the created plan, we design a strategy for content and user guidance of the app. To ensure that nothing stands in the way of an optimal user experience, we coordinate rough sketches of the app with you in the form of wireframes. With these, we develop an interface with flawless aesthetics. We are then happy to build you a working prototype so that you can test the app before development.

Implementation & Beta tests

After concept and design follows the programming. We implement your wishes in several phases and continuously check the quality of the app. Via Apple's TestFlight and Google's Play Store, we provide alpha and beta versions to you and a group of people defined by you. In this way, the quality of the app is ensured again and again in several steps - All reported bugs are thus eliminated before the release.


At launch, your app will be published in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, making it available for download on any classic smartphone worldwide.

In order to present your app optimally, we take care of the correct description and the presentation including screenshots and videos.

Quality assurance & maintenance

Of course, we will continue to support your app even after it has been published. We keep the app up to date, adapt the functions and contents together with you again and again. Furthermore, we always keep the app up to date with the latest technology and ensure continuous updates in order to always be compatible with the latest operating systems. Using a feedback system, we analyse user behaviour, the number of installations per operating system, device, country and technical details.

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Technology – proven and highly up-to-date

We will implement your app with proven and modern technologies. There are different ways to develop an app, of which we would like to make a clear recommendation in the following. But we also want to mention other possibilities.

Our clear recommendation


React Native

We prefer Facebook Open Source technology React Native for the development of Apps. This allows simultaneous development for iOS and Android ("crossplatform"), where a large part of the program code can be used for both operating systems.

  • High Performance

  • Publication in Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store

  • Provides access to many native features

  • High individualization options for app design

More possibilities

Google Chrome Logo

Progressive Web App

Eine weitere Möglichkeit ist die Entwicklung als „Progressive Web App“. Dabei entwickeln Ihre App als Website, die über den Browser auf dem Homescreen gespeichert werden kann. Dabei teilen sich iOS und Android den Programmcode fast vollständig.

  • Gute Performance
  • Gleicher Look auf allen Betriebssystemen
  • Keine Installation notwendig

  • Browserunterstützung noch nicht vollends gegeben (Stand: Juli 2017)
  • Features und Interaktionsmöglichkeiten unterscheiden sich von denen bekannter Apps
  • Keine Veröffentlichung in den App Stores
Apache Cordova Logo

Apache Cordova

Auch mit der Hybrid-Technologie Apache Cordova können wir eine App für Sie entwickeln, wobei das technische Grundgerüst dem einer Website stark ähnelt. Hierbei wird sowohl für iOS als auch Android nahezu einheitlicher Programmcode verwendet.

  • Veröffentlichung in den App Stores
  • Gleicher Look auf allen Betriebssystemen

  • Nur passable Performance
  • Features und Interaktionsmöglichkeiten unterscheiden sich von denen "normaler" Apps
  • Insgesamt mangelhafte Leistung bei nicht unerheblichem Aufwand
Android Logo


Wir entwickeln je eine App für Android und iOS – vollkommen separat. Dabei schöpfen wir alle Möglichkeiten der beiden Betriebssysteme aus und garantieren so maximale Performance und User-Experience. Das bedeutet jedoch fast doppelten Aufwand – im Gegensatz zu unserer Empfehlung React Native.

  • Veröffentlichung in den App Stores
  • Maximale Performance
  • Nutzung aller Möglichkeiten des Endgerätes

  • Eigene App je Betriebssystem notwendig
  • Deutlich höhere Entwicklungskosten als mit React Native



For Medion AG in Essen, Germany, we have developed a fitness app that sees itself as a companion to the smart sports equipment of the technology company. Thanks to the technology in the smartphone and sports wristband (including GPS, pedometer and heart rate monitor) - together with our app - all important movement values can be monitored. With a cloud synchronization system designed by us, the data can be synchronized across all devices and is retained even if the device is lost. A community feature allows users to network with each other and compare their sporting achievements.



  • Integration of various hardware devices into the app
  • Cloud-based user management for synchronization and community



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Catholic German Women's Association Munich

The app "My way, my time" for the Catholic German Women's Federation Munich shows editorially led religious impulses, which the user can see in a list or on a Google Maps map view. Furthermore, we have integrated the possibility into the app of sharing one's own intercessions and thank you texts, which are saved on the server side. The administration of user-generated content can be conveniently managed by the KDFB staff in their own backend.



  • Push notifications for news
  • Backend connection for content maintenance by customers
  • User-generated content with moderation option
  • Google Maps map view



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Emscher Lippe Energie GmbH

The Emscher Lippe Energie GmbH gives people the opportunity to find regional offers in their area. With the corresponding "ELE Card mobil" app, which we have developed, you can filter the offers in your area via GPS. The registered user also has access to the administration of his ELE Card via a login function. The app also allows users to show digital membership documents instead of a physical card at discount locations.



  • Push notifications for news
  • Tracking of user behaviour (can be deactivated by the respective user)
  • Google Maps integration for radius search and nearby offers
  • Connection to a backend system with which the customer can view and edit the offers and user data contained in the app.



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