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We are a web agency, specialized in TYPO3. However, our expertise goes beyond that. We offer further services and products. These include shops, mobile apps and special software development.

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Vision and Focus

Our focus and vision is the design and implementation of high-quality, stable, high-performance and secure websites, portals and shops of all kinds. Our customers trust in these principles. This is because we consistently implement our products with quality, competence and reliability.

Convince yourself of our expertise through our numerous references and contact us with your web project.

Why TYPO3?

Why should you use TYPO3 instead of another CMS like Drupal or WordPress? Below you can see the arguments in favor of TYPO3, which is why we also use the TYPO3 CMS. If you still can't decide which content management system is right for you and your company, we have compiled a detailed list of the advantages and disadvantages of the individual solutions. Visit our pages on the topics WordPress vs. TYPO3 and Drupal vs. TYPO3.

Offers a solution for every requirement

One of the most popular CMS in Germany

Can be very well adapted to individual needs

Can start small and grow big

Is stable and safe thanks to the numerous participants

Offers quality certification

Has a clear development path for the future

Well-functioning and strong community

Is Open Source and requires no license costs

Makes you basically independent of service providers

Can be experienced through many events in the real world

More about TYPO3 and other CMS

For more information on the advantages and disadvantages of TYPO3 in comparison with other popular website construction kits such as WordPress, Drupal, Wix and Jimdo, have a look at the linked articles.


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What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A content management system, or CMS for short, is generally a software or program for managing web content of any kind. Typically, a CMS is used for creating and editing websites. A graphical user interface ensures that no programming knowledge is required when working with the software. Well-known content management systems are, for example, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress or the systems we often use, TYPO3 and Shopware (

What is TYPO3?

TYPO3 is an open source content management system that enjoys great popularity, especially in the German-speaking area. It is very easy to define and manage user roles such as admins and editors. Editorial staff can independently create or adapt content on a website without having to program.

TYPO3 is characterized by a wealth of functional possibilities, by which it can be flexibly expanded as needed, but this usually requires expert knowledge of developers, such as those found in our agency.


Should I use TYPO3 for my website?

TYPO3 is basically suitable for all kinds of website projects (three distributions:, regardless of the size and number of pages. But often only medium to large companies are advised to use TYPO3, because the system seems very extensive at the beginning. In fact, the CMS is suitable for smaller projects and websites and blogs as well as for very large companies. Because it is flexible, expandable, especially secure, supports multilingualism and multi-sites by default and allows to easily design a website barrier-free and optimized for search engines. The system is also very easy to use for editors, at the latest after a short familiarization period or training (

What does a website with TYPO3 cost?

As an open source system, there are no license fees for the software itself.

Costs are incurred for the services related to the system (installation, implementation, configuration, performing updates and further support).

We have developed the Website-Base based on the TYPO3 system - for easy and fast implementation of all kinds of websites - for which the one-time costs for implementation start from €999. It is also possible to use the Website-Base in our service packages, which start from €19.99 per month (

We are also happy to implement individual solutions with TYPO3, the costs are then of course dependent on the respective demands that you have on a website and how complex it is to implement. Information about prices can be obtained in these cases on request.


How long does it take to create a TYPO3 website?

The duration from the idea to the realization of a TYPO3 website depends on what requirements you have for the design, what functions and features the site should have and last but not least how big and complex the project is. With our TYPO3 based website base ( we can implement websites fast(er), because it already includes many features that go beyond the TYPO3 core and is a perfect base for most website projects. Depending on how much you still want to customize, the realization can take a few to several weeks.

But even with independent TYPO3 projects or HTML pages, it is always important how complex the project is: The implementation of websites can take several weeks to months.

In order to be able to make a more precise statement about the development time of your website, we need to know your wishes and ideas, which you are welcome to share with us in a non-binding inquiry.


What is a TYPO3 template?

TYPO3 templates determine, among other things, the appearance of a TYPO3 page in the frontend. So they are responsible for the layout and design of the website. There are many free templates for TYPO3. Our TYPO3-based website base also comes with a ready-made design, so you can start creating content almost immediately. In our preview page ( you can see the standard design of the website base. Customization of layout and design is of course possible.

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