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Ideal hosting for TYPO3 websites

We provide managed hosting for your TYPO3 website and ensure stable and high-performance operation. Perfect in combination with our support offer. Our hosting is based on a high-quality infrastructure and is, among other things, therefore perfectly suited for the powerful open source content management system. However, hosting for pure HTML websites and other CMS is also possible.

The hosting is aimed solely at sgalinski SLA customers and offers many other advantages in addition to high performance and optimal configuration for TYPO3. The servers themselves are located exclusively in Germany.

The scope of services at a glance


High Performance

With our managed hosting, you rely on a powerful system with modern infrastructure. This allows your website to achieve fast and barely noticeable loading times, which are guaranteed to go down well with your website's visitors. However, search engines also reward this speed with a better ranking in the search results. – Thus, High Performance is an all-round boost for your online presence!


A website should be reliably accessible for visitors. After all, if you receive an error message because the server is busy, you will leave the website and, in the worst case, not visit it again. This way you can lose customers and scare away people interested in your product or service. CPU and RAM are significantly responsible for the stable and smooth operation of a website – With us, you don't have to worry about these factors, because our servers are perfectly suited for the operation of content management systems, for which a larger RAM is necessary from the start. They meet this requirement and more, so you can rely on the smooth performance of our servers.


Large storage space, outstanding performance and diverse features can be crucial when choosing a hosting provider. However, one should not forget the security aspects. After all, the best performance is worth little if sensitive data falls into the wrong hands or is destroyed. That's why we provide you with free SSL certificates that enable encrypted data transfer between users and a website. Our server is equipped with DDOS protection and includes an integrated firewall. Since no protection guarantees 100% security, file-based backups are an integral part of secure hosting. And for complete protection, you can use our website security update service, which will provide your website with the latest security updates.

Server location Germany

Germany as a server location for your website brings enormous advantages. On one hand, building security in Germany is strictly regulated: from fire protection to access control, power supply to air conditioning. On the other hand, the legal situation is clear: strict data protection rules apply (keyword: GDPR), so users don't have to worry about what happens to their data – there are no data flows outside the EU, and handing over data to authorities is only possible under particularly strict conditions. This means maximum security for companies that operate in Germany and rely on hosting in Germany. Companies whose traffic mainly comes from Germany also enjoy better performance thanks to short distances. This is rewarded by search engines with a better ranking. In addition, Google considers the use of a server operator in the same country as a sign of relevance and value, which in turn brings further SEO advantages.


What is hosting?

With hosting or web hosting, webspace (storage space) is provided or rented for operating and publishing websites. Just as files or documents are stored on a PC in order to be used, websites need storage space. Unlike documents stored on a local PC, however, websites must be accessible at all times, regardless of the user's location. Theoretically, it is possible to operate a website from one's own PC. However, this would be expensive and very time-consuming.  That is why the vast majority of website operators use webspace on servers from specialized hosting providers. The servers used are powerful and are regularly maintained, and the availability is monitored, provided that they are reputable hosting providers.

What is a server?

The term server is used for hardware and software. In computer science, server originally meant software or a program that could communicate with a client and provide data or a service for the client (client-server model). Which service it is depends on the software used. In the context of hardware, the server computer is meant, which can contain various software servers, such as web server, mail server, DNS server and many more. The server hardware is integrated into a computer network and usually runs around the clock. Alternatively, the hardware-based server is also referred to as a host and is characterized by special performance features (e.g. many processors (CPU), large main memory (RAM) and hard disk space, high I/O throughput). However, basically any computer can act as the server if it runs server software.

What is a domain?

A domain is the 'name' or internet address of a website. It is unique and occurs only once in the world. A domain contains several components:

  • Third-Level-Domain (Subdomain): e.g. 'www', at 'blog' is the subdomain – a subdomain is not mandatory
  • Second-Level-Domain: is defined by the website owner and comes before the dot – for this would be 'example'
  • Top-Level-Domain (TLD): is what comes after the dot, e.g. '.de', '.com', '.org' or '.info' and can indicate where a website mainly operates (.de) or what purpose it serves (.info)

What does fair use mean?

Fair use is a concept in which the resources provided are to be used fairly, since many users make use of the resource and unfair usage behavior can result in disadvantages for all. Fair use is intended to impose as few restrictions as possible, as long as the use remains 'fair' and, for example, there is no excessive use of webspace or traffic. In the fair-use policy, the following things are mostly excluded:

  • Transfer of webspace or subdomains to third parties/reselling
  • Operating download websites
  • Websites with pornographic, violent, discriminatory, racist content
  • Websites that generate a particularly large amount of traffic over the long term because e.g. they contain large communities

[1] 95 €/h

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