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Do you need new software in your company, or would you like to digitize previously analog workflows and are considering whether the current software solutions suit you or whether it would be better to use customized solutions that are personally tailored to you? - We develop professional applications according to your wishes and ideas that fit your requirements! The independent and individual software solution is thus guaranteed to work in your workflow.

For the development of individual software and web applications we use the internationally recognized and modern PHP framework Symfony. Symfony uses PHP standards, so that the code of your application remains clean and easy to maintain for developers - at the same time, individual applications can be extended or updated without any problems.

Custom Software vs. Standard Software

The advantages of customized software are obvious: Individual applications fit seamlessly into the existing infrastructure and map all the necessary processes of your company. There are no unnecessary functions, which results in better usability through the individual solutions. If the area of application for your personal software expands and additional requirements are added, this can usually be solved more easily and quickly than with standard software solutions.

The possibilities for the use of individual software are manifold: From software for personnel management, general administration software to systems for document management or job boards. With individual interfaces, existing databases from CRM systems, for example, can be seamlessly connected to the new web application.

Standard software often covers a wide range of functions, as this software is designed and developed for a large user base, but usability can suffer as a result. However, typical processes that run similarly in many companies can be covered well with such software. It is immediately available and often convinces with the lower initial costs of acquisition, since no more development has to take place. However, there are ongoing licensing costs and possibly other additional costs. For more complex business models, larger companies, but also for companies with outdated software or even start-ups, custom software or web applications may be the better alternative.

Custom Software

  • Software that adapts to your workflows
  • Simpler handling, as there are no unnecessary functions
  • Sustainable investment, since it can be expanded at any time
  • Independence from big software vendors
  • Straightforward support
  • Competitive advantages through optimized processes

  • Initially higher investment costs for development
  • No immediate use possible

Standard Software

  • Workflows must be adapted to software
  • Many unused functions, at full price
  • Extensions against surcharge, but partly also not possible
  • Regular license fees & no control over functions
  • Support lengthy & limited influence on updates


  • Initially less expensive, as no development costs
  • Almost immediately usable

From the idea to your software

Analysis of requirements

In dialogue with you, we analyze your requirements for the individual software. We document the results of the analysis so that it is possible to trace which requirements have been covered or which have changed.

Consulting & Design

Based on the structured details of your requirements, we advise you on which solutions might best suit your needs and design a web application that covers everything you and your company need.

Prototyping & Development

Using a prototype, we quickly implement the created concept and give you the opportunity to provide feedback at an early stage. This enables an efficient and usage-oriented development of your software.

Infrastructure analysis

To ensure that the individually developed software fits perfectly into your structures and the workflows of your company, we analyze the existing system landscape to ensure a customized solution.

Testing & Implementation

The developed web application is put through its paces and implemented in your system after successful testing. Of course, you will receive a briefing on your customized software.

Support & Maintenance

After the implementation in your company, it may still be necessary to make corrections or extensions. We support you with updates that keep the web application functional and secure.

Why Symfony?

There are many advantages in using Symfony as an application framework: The framework has been in active development for years and has an enormously large and worldwide community. Stability, security and the use of new technologies are no problem based on Symfony and correct usage. Symfony offers many features that facilitate software development and make the code easily testable, extensible and flexible for developers. The advantages of Symfony give us the possibility to develop and implement a project in a high quality, stable and secure way, from which all our customers benefit.

Internationally acknowledged, modern
and leading PHP framework

Clean URLs through routing technology

Independent of database systems

Cross-platform compatibility

Compatible with web best practices

ORM layer based on Doctrine

Flexible template engine 'twig'

Modular system with various complete sets

Reusable components

Fast updating & error checking

Well structured & anytime expandable

Large community constantly improves the framework

Capable of being used as a full-stack framework

Applying PHP standards (for example: naming conventions) – this results in clean and easy-to-maintain code



We created a website and custom software for Jobblitz in the form of a management system that allows job ads to be easily imported and managed from an application interface. In addition, a tracking was implemented, which can be used to generate diagrams or charts on relevant data. The management tool is based on Symfony, Doctrine and EasyAdminBundle. Due to the standard PHP framework Symfony, the tool can be easily extended in the future by desired or needed new functionalities, as the project is continuously developed by us.

In addition to the Jobblitz site, we also realized the Quereinsteiger tool including the complete design, which allows potential job applicants to take a personality test based on the 'Big Five' and subsequently receive an evaluation of their personality as well as suitable job offers.


What is a web application?

A web application is software that can be accessed through a browser. Unlike a desktop program, a web application is not stored locally, but runs on a server that the browser can access. Therefore, web applications do not need to be downloaded and are used 'online'.

How long does it take to develop custom software?

The development time of a custom software depends on the requirements of the desired application and its scope. The pure development time can be only a few months. A careful list of requirements and good planning is a prerequisite for rapid development. It should not be forgotten that the software still has to be tested, implemented and possibly improved before it is finally used.

How much does custom software cost?

The development of a custom software can amount to a few thousand euros, depending on the scope. The more complex the project, the higher the costs, which can reach five-digit amounts. In the short term, the cost of custom software seems high due to the development costs, but these are one-time expenses that pay off over time and can even be more cost-effective in the long term than standard software, which regularly incurs licensing costs and other cost items.

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