Who we are

We are a well-rehearsed team, which thanks to our agile working method completes digital projects with a high quality standard. We have particular experience in the areas of TYPO3, Shopware and the development of mobile apps for Android and iOS based on React Native. We support the marketing of your brand with our expertise in online marketing and our professionally created corporate designs.

In addition to our agency offers, we actively support various open source projects and offer the tools we use for our daily work to other developers, also commercially.

How we Work

If you decide to carry out your digital project with us, we will create a concept together with you first. We take a look at your current technical status, and together we design possible solutions that lead to the desired result. In doing so, we pay attention to compliance with your budget and given deadlines.

The necessary steps are usually divided into tickets, which are processed gradually. Each completed step is checked by us, before you confirm the final result yourself again. You can inform us of any change requests at any time. We implement these according to your ideas.

You can see the tickets for your project yourself, so you always have an overview of the current progress, and you have the opportunity to give direct feedback on each step.

Internally we work with two-week sprints, for which it is decided in advance which goals should be achieved. Instead of the highly transparent and flexible ticket system, you can also book a number of working hours, determined per sprint.

The required number of sprints will be decided during the planning phase. In this way, you can calculate the resulting costs easier.

Despite our team being spread all over Germany and Europe, we regularly exchange information with each other and with you through video chats. Throughout the entire development process, you will be in direct contact with the responsible developers, who will act as your contact person and consultant.

After successful completion of the project, our long-term support is available. We take care of later requests for changes and gladly implement additional features. Many other enhancements, such as security updates, are continuously being applied to all existing customer systems.

High quality, lively communication and advice, adherence to deadlines and costs within your budget - you can count on that.

We would be happy to realize your next digital project. Contact us now and tell us about your project idea for an individual offer.

Company Brochure

If you want to get a quick overview of our company, our company brochure is ideal. Here we summarize who we are, what we stand for and what we do.

The Team

If you would like to become a part of our team, you can find all current job offers and the advantages as an employee in our job list.


What is agile working?

In agile working, adaptability is one of the most important principles. Flexibility allows companies to respond quickly and effectively to change. In agile working, goals are formulated, but no concrete way to get there is defined, so that approaches that do not work can be quickly discarded and the process can be adapted at any time. Rigid and predetermined patterns are thus to be replaced by innovative thinking. In addition, proactive work is to be promoted by analyzing possible scenarios.

The agile approach is intended to achieve better results overall, and the flexible way of working means that you are less susceptible to change because changes are, so to speak, thought through.

Agile working only works, however, if companies are prepared to give employees personal responsibility for their work. In order to ensure flexibility, the time periods for working must also be shortened and all progress and information must be regularly communicated within the company and with customers.

Well-known agile approaches are, for example, Scrum or Kanban.


What are sprints?

A sprint is a short, defined period of time in which a fixed goal is to be achieved within a project. Sprints are an integral part of agile methods such as Scrum.

We ourselves work with two-week sprints.


What is a ticket system?

Work orders are collected and managed in a ticket system. These can be requests from customers or employees. With a ticket system, work orders are not lost. For efficient work with tickets, work orders can be categorized in addition to a description. Particularly urgent requests can be marked accordingly.

Well-known ticket systems are e.g. freshdesk, Trello or Jira.


What does a frontend developer do?

Front-end developers are primarily concerned with the development and realization of user interfaces - they optimize the presentation of websites and web applications. Since frontend developers mainly work on layouts and implement designs, they also take care of client-side programming.

What does a backend developer do?

Backend developers develop, implement, enhance and maintain websites and software applications on the server side. Tasks also include testing and documenting programs and systems. Furthermore, backend developers work together with frontend developers.

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