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We present you the perfect solution for your wishes and requirements in online business. With the proven Enterprise E-Commerce Content-Management-System (CMS) Shopware we implement your online shop. And this can be customized and optionally expanded at any time. More than 60,000 customers throughout Europe trust in Shopware, count yourself among them and let us realize your dream of a successful online business together. For your shop or your shops our agency is the right cooperation partner, because we are at your side from the planning to the publication and beyond.

Our services

Marketing and SEO

With Shopware you can significantly increase your sales. Under the hood and beyond, with the built-in SEO optimization all possibilities are given so that you can be found on Google and Co.. And you always stay close to your customers, for example with automatically sent, personalized newsletters and vouchers or interest-related product streams.

The Responsive Way

Even with the preconfigured basic settings after installation, your shop is already optimized for all possible end devices. For desktop devices as well as smartphones and tablets in portrait and landscape format. You can be sure that the user will have the best possible shopping experience.

Versatile design options

With the shopping worlds, you can let your creativity run wild and, for example, give the homepage a special look. Create special layouts for your landing pages and content pages from images, videos and text in no time at all to offer your customers an exciting shopping experience.

Why Shopware?

Shopware is a professional enterprise shop system, which is well prepared for future demands on your shop. It offers numerous functions, like all current and partly also exotic payment methods, cross sale possibilities, bundles, vouchers, shopping worlds, an ERP system and much more. As German supplier Shopware is strongly represented particularly in the German-speaking countries. Currently there are over 1,700 free and paid extensions for the system. Some selected advantages follow:


One of the most popular shop solutions
in German-speaking countries


Has a large, functioning community with established structures

Offers professional manufacturer support and premium plug-ins


Can be adapted to individual requirements


Is in active further development



Can start small and grow big



Supports ESD (Electronic Software Downloads)


Offers quality certification



Can be experienced through many events in the real world


Makes the client independent of the service provider


We are pleased to implement your Shopware Shop at any time!

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About Shopware AG

As an independent and equity-financed company, the company develops high-quality software and works closely with its 60,000 customers and 1,200 partners throughout Europe.

shopware AG
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GAZ Notstromsysteme GmbH

Together with "elementare teilchen" we have implemented the online shop of GAZ Notstromsysteme. Here we used the latest shopware version, which offers even more useful functions in the area of content management through the professional edition.

Our main tasks in this project were the technical integration of Shopware including the necessary plugins, the support in customizing the templates for an appropriate design and the creation of plugins, such as the extension of the page navigation. In addition, we provided a lot of help for easier article management.

Werdauer Fahrzeug- und Metallkomponenten GmbH

For Werdauer Fahrzeug- und Metallkomponenten GmbH we relaunched your website. For the site, we used the Shopware shop system and thus merged the information about the company with a sales system. In this way, customers are guided seamlessly from the descriptions of company processes and products to the purchase.

sgalinski Onlineshop

In addition to some Open Source Projects, we also offer commercial solutions to support software developers. For the distribution of our products, such as the Fluid Plugin for IntelliJ IDEs, we offer the simple purchase via our online shop.

The shop is based on the latest Shopware Version and provides potential customers with a simple user interface. In addition, the products and orders can be easily managed for us in the Shopware backend. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are also interested in an online shop solution with Shopware.


What is a Shop System?

A shop system is software on the basis of which online shops are operated. Such programs contain a payment system and an inventory management system in the back end, in which all data on the products, their inventory and the ongoing processes converge. In the front end, a shop system ensures an appealing and, in the best case, user-friendly presentation of the products on offer. As with common pure content management systems, shop systems usually do not require any programming skills to manage a shop page.

Shop operators can use individual solutions or ready-made software, the latter being available as paid models with license fees or as open source.

Well-known and proven shop systems include Magento, WooCommerce, IONIS, Shopify, Gambio and the system we use, Shopware, which can be used in a free variant and the paid version 'Professional Edition'.


Who is Shopware suitable for?

Shopware is suitable for both small and large e-commerce companies. Because even the free version includes numerous functions for managing an online store. This allows smaller shops to operate cost-effectively. Large companies, on the other hand, also have the option of using the Professional or Enterprise versions in order to be able to use more functions. Shopware has a modular structure and can be extended by numerous plugins if required. Thus, the system remains flexible even after setup and can grow together with a company.

What does a Shopware license cost?

Shopware is available in different editions ( The Starter Edition and the Community Version are free of charge. For the extension with additional plugins, however, costs may be incurred by the plugins themselves and by agency services to implement the functions.

The Professional Edition costs €199 per month or a one-time fee of €2,495, and the Enterprise Edition costs €2,495 per month or a one-time fee of €39,995.


Is it possible to update from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6?

To switch from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6, a simple update is unfortunately not possible. Due to numerous changes in the architecture, Shopware 6 is not only an updated version of the software but rather a new or successor product, which makes a move of the store system necessary. Depending on how many customizations and plugins the store uses, the change can be very demanding; the duration of the implementation also depends on this. - The migration from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 must therefore be carefully planned and should be accompanied by developers or an agency. This is also where the costs come in. Because the existing licenses can still be used for Shopware 6.

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