Our Open Source Products

We live and love the principle of Open Source and therefore return many of our internal agency developments to the community. Since we are a TYPO3 agency, we understandably find many TYPO3 extensions here. However, we hope that everyone will find what they are looking for and are looking forward to all kinds of contributions. In our Gitlab you can find the source code of the projects.

Software around TYPO3, Gitlab and more

Performance Tools,
Support for editors and integrators,
Frontend plugins for tabs, accordions and much more

Chef - Normal-Site-Cookbook

A Vagrant box is needed, which doesn't needs any specific CMS? Then this is the solution! This one can create a Vagrant with multiple repositories and databases, without the creation of a whole CMS.

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Chef - TYPO3-Cookbook

Based on a flexible configuration, this cookbook generates a TYPO3 page, which can even be conveniently updated when called repeatedly. This makes it predestined for use in Vagrant or Docker to update your development project regularly and conveniently. Just give it a try and tell us about your experiences.

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TYPO3 CMS - EXT:languagevisibility

Languagevisibility verbessert und erweitert die Verwaltung mehrsprachiger Webseiten, sodass diese auch Enterprise-Ansprüchen gerecht werden.



Chef - XhProf

With the help of this Cookbook you can install the application XhProf, which serves to measure the performance of PHP-based websites and applications and to give hints on optimization possibilities. We use this on a regular basis to find out about performance problems in the code and to eliminate them.

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TYPO3 CMS - EXT:sg_contentlink

At the beginning of 2015 we published this extension. It serves the generation of links around complete contents. Inner links will be removed.

Downloads: 1.200 (05.2017)

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TYPO3 CMS - EXT:lfeditor

This is our first published TYPO3 extension, which is now available for over 8 years. It supports developers, integrators and editors in the editing, creation and maintenance of language constants, from the outdated PHP format to the XML variant and the modern XLF solution. If you want to learn more about this extension, have a look at the manual.

Downloads: 23.300 (05.2017)

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The Language File Editor

Gitlab - E-Mail-Commit-Webhook

This Gitlab webhook is used to send e-mails with included diff to all authorized persons in a project during a commit. This feature is similar in Gitlab itself, but unfortunately it is only possible to specify a list of people statically. The webhook is written in PHP and can be installed easily. You can integrate it as a push hook in every project of your gitlab.

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SGC – CLI Task Runner

The SGC is a node.js based build-process that handles important web development tasks such as image optimization, linting and compiling Sass and ES6 JavaScript code. The program's functionalities can be extended through Shell or Node.js scripts.

The SGC was developed with a focus on TYPO3 projects but with a few simple adaptations it can be used for other purposes like the work with static HTML files as well.

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SGC – CLI Task Runner

TYPO3 CMS - EXT:sg_cookie_optin

Diese Cookie-OptIn-Extension für TYPO3 liefert eine simple Konfiguration zum Einrichten eines DSGVO-konformen Cookie-Banners.

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Inline SVG Support

This module is the successor of gulp-inline-svg.

The purpose of this module is to pass it a location to a folder containing SVG icons and get back a string containing inline-svg codes that can be used as background-image. The output can be customized with a mustache-template. By default, it will return a string that can be saved as a Sass-partial, offering a mixin and variables for each icon. You can fully customize the output by providing your own template.


npm i @sgalinski/inline-svg

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TypoScript-Plugin für PhpStorm

For quite some time now we have been maintaining the leading plugin in the field of TypoScript IDE integration in IntelliJ IDEA. The tool offers numerous features for both TypoScript 1 and TypoScript 2 to significantly increase productivity. Have you become curious? A list of the functions and numerous helpful links can be found on the plugin overview, and we also offer installation instructions.

Downloads: 85.100 (07.2017)

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TypoScript-Plugin for PhpStorm

Chef - Ubuntu-Basis

This cookbook provides a basis for page-specific cookbooks and is based on Ubuntu. It contains our standard configurations and some basic settings for a stable operation of the building applications.

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TYPO3 CMS - EXT:sg_routes

With this TYPO3 extension you can use the included backend module to quickly and easily create URL redirects (similar to RealURL) and manage the behavior of your website when pages are not found. The resulting redirection rules can then be exported to a .htaccess file for better performance.

Downloads: 500 (09.2017) 

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Chef - Mailcatcher

The Mailcatcher cookbook installs the latest version of the mailcatcher application based on Ruby. This is especially useful for development environments as it prevents mails from being sent to actual mailboxes. The Mailcatcher intercepts them and displays them in a simple interface.

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Fluid-Plugin for PHPStorm and IntelliJ

Since the beginning of 2017 we have released a free version of our successful Fluid-Plugin. It supports the daily work with TYPO3 fluid templates thanks to an autocompletion of all viewhelpers and the corresponding documentation. In addition, there are a number of other functions which can be found on the official product page.

Downloads: 767 (09.2017)

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Fluid Plugin for PHPStorm and IntelliJ

TYPO3 CMS - EXT:content_replacer

Since most automatic TYPO3 replacement extensions cause massive performance problems with many keywords, we had to find a solution while working on www.df.eu . This was in the form of the content_replacer written by us, which offers a simple and high-performance solution for the problem through the manual identification of the locations as well as an intelligent control via TypoScript.

Downloads: 7.900 (05.2017)

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Chef - XDebug

You can use this cookbook to install XDebug. XDebug is a PHP module that allows you to debug your application on the code side. This tool also supports development by providing stack traces in case exceptions occur in the code.

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TYPO3 CMS - EXT:sg_cloud_front

Die TYPO3-Extension sg_cloud_front ermöglicht eine simple Anbindung an das Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudFront CDN.



Chef - Nutch

Nutch is a crawler that makes it possible to index and evaluate external websites. The results can, for example, be subsequently transferred to a Solr search index, which can then be made available on your website. The cookbook installs a configurable version of the basicutch.

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TYPO3 CMS - EXT:scriptmerger

For almost a decade, the scriptmerger TYPO3 integrator has been helping TYPO3 integrators to optimize the performance of their pages by merging and compressing Javascript and CSS files. The extension is very flexible in handling and works in many cases out-of-the-box with minimal installation effort.

Downloads: 22.300 (05.2017)

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TYPO3 CMS - EXT:df_tabs

df_tabs was also created during the work at domainFACTORY. With the help of these pages and content can be quickly converted into tabs, which are easy to style and at the same time very configurable. The tabs can be addressed directly via URL and support the back button of the browser. The realization was done with jQuery, but also mooTools can be used as a suitable library.

Downloads: 6.600 (05.2017)

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Chef - Neos-Cookbook

Similar to the TYPO3 cookbook, this one creates a Neos page, which is based on an almost identical configuration as the TYPO3 cookbook. Note that the site cookbooks bring dependencies to other recipes from us. However, these are all freely accessible and will remain so in the future.

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