Our Open Source Products

We live and love the principle of open source and therefore give many of our internal agency developments back to the community. As a TYPO3 agency we mainly develop TYPO3 extensions. Nevertheless, we hope that everyone will find what they are looking for, and we are looking forward to any kind of contributions. In our Gitlab you can find the source code of the projects.

Software around TYPO3, Gitlab and more

Performance Tools,
Support for editors and integrators,
Frontend plugins for tabs, accordions and much more

Inline SVG Support

The module is the successor of gulp-inline-svg and is used to get a string from a folder of SVG icons containing inline-svg codes for use as background-image. The result can be used as a Sass partial by default, which provides a mixin and variables for each icon. A mustache template can be used to customize the string. With own templates the output is completely freely configurable.

Installation: npm i @sgalinski/inline-svg

Details & DownloadIssue-Tracker

Chef - TYPO3-Cookbook

The Cookbook generates a TYPO3 page based on a flexible configuration, which can even be conveniently updated when called repeatedly. This makes it predestined for use in Vagrant or Docker to update a development project regularly and conveniently.


Chef - Nutch

Nutch is a crawler with which it is possible to index and evaluate external websites. The results can, for example, be subsequently transferred into a Solr search index, which can be made available on your website. The Cookbook installs the base-nutch in a configurable version.


Chef - Normal-Site-Cookbook

If a Vagrant box is needed that doesn't require a specific CMS, this is the solution! With the Normal Site Cookbook, a Vagrant can be created from multiple repositories and databases without having to set up a CMS at the end.


Chef - XDebug

You use this cookbook to install XDebug, which is a PHP module that allows you to debug your application code-wise. Additionally, the tool supports development by providing stack traces in case exceptions occur in the code.


Chef - Ubuntu-Basis

This cookbook is based on Ubuntu and is a base for site-specific cookbooks. It contains our default configurations and some basic settings for stable operation of the building applications.


Gitlab - E-Mail-Commit-Webhook

The Gitlab webhook sends emails with included diff to all authorized people in a project when a commit is made. This feature exists similarly in Gitlab itself, but there it is only possible to specify a list of people statically. The webhook is written in PHP and can be installed easily. You can include it as a push hook in any project of your Gitlab.


Chef - XhProf

With the help of the Cookbook, you can install the XhProf application. It measures the performance of PHP-based websites and applications and gives hints on optimization possibilities. We use this regularly to identify and fix performance problems in the code.

Download Issue-Tracker

Chef - Mailcatcher

The mailcatcher cookbook installs the latest version of the mailcatcher application, which is based on Ruby. This is especially useful for development environments, since emails are not sent to actual mailboxes: Mailcatcher intercepts them and displays them in a simple interface.


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