The TYPO3 extension Mail-Templates allows editors to easily edit templates for various system emails in the template editor. The layout of the templates can also be customized in the backend module.

The mail queue automatically ensures that the system is not overloaded: the module takes their prioritization into account when sending emails. You can also send newsletters to registered users via the backend module.

Multi-language pages and multi-domain instances are no problem for the sg_mail extension.


TYPO3 Versions > 9.5

Overview of the Features

  • Template Editor
  • Usage information for Editors
  • Customizable Template Layouts
  • Mail Queue for all TYPO3 extensions
  • Newsletter function
  • CSV Export
  • Supports multilingual instances
  • Multi-domain capable


Template Editor with usage information

In the template editor, email templates for sg_mail but also for other extensions such as sg_shop, sg_jobs or sg_account can be edited. For easier use, also for the editorial team, each template in the editor contains individual instructions for the use of markers.

Mail Queue

All sent emails of the system are collected in the mail queue. Depending on the settings and prioritization, emails are sent immediately or at a later time, which also prevents system overloads.

The collected emails can be filtered, searched and if necessary sent again manually. The data can be exported as a CSV file at any time.

Template Layouts

If required, other template layouts can be created in addition to the standard layout for emails. In each email template and also for newsletters, you can then individually select the desired layout.

Newsletter function

Newsletters can be created similar to the templates. Here, too, there is usage information for the editors. When sending, you can choose between the user groups in the system, e.g. newsletter dispatch to all registered users. Of course, it is also possible to specify several or all groups.

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