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The Website-Base is a tool for creating and managing websites of all kinds, based on the content management system (CMS) TYPO3. Our Website as a Service packages and our Website-Base at a Fixed Price are built using the Website-Base, which gives you additional design and configuration options.

To make the administration of your website as easy as possible, we have compiled an extensive documentation with tutorials for editors. Our manual contains explanations and instructions on all important aspects of the daily work with our Website-Base and the CMS TYPO3. These tutorials are intended to make it easier to get started editing your own website, as well as to help with any questions that may arise at any time. Thanks to the intuitive, modular content management system TYPO3, managing your website will become a matter of course after only a short time.

Are you looking for a specific guide or information? Then take a look at our TYPO3 & Website-Base manuals. We recommend that you take a quick look at the TYPO3 basics before searching for a solution to get an idea where the answers to your questions are most likely to be found. The tutorials about the frontend and backend, the login into the TYPO3 backend and the TYPO3 page tree are a good start.

What is the CMS TYPO3?

Creating a page can involve a lot of programming work. Content management systems (CMS) allow even those who have no or only rudimentary programming skills to create a website.

So a CMS is a software with which you can create and edit websites without programming knowledge. The layout of the page is separated from the content. Editors will therefore not be able to damage the appearance and functionality of his own website through lack of knowledge, because they can not intervene in the code. Furthermore, several editors can manage a page at the same time. This is a big advantage for webpages that produce a lot of content. If, on the other hand, a web designer needs to make adjustments, the content remains unaffected by the design changes. This allows convenient management of sites for editorial and development.

TYPO3 is one such a system and is one of the most popular CMS in Germany. It is also an open source project with a broad and active community that is constantly developing, testing and improving the system. This results in a stable and secure CMS.

TYPO3 is in contrast to simple homepage construction kits very flexible and almost unlimitedly extendable, so that it is suitable for small websites as well as for complex or increasingly complex projects. We take over the installation and configuration of the TYPO3 content management system – you can then easily fill the page with content according to your ideas. Depending on your wishes and needs, your TYPO3 site can be extended with extensions, e.g. to add new functions.

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